~ UIWHW-YUTHOYM-PAQP-ACETLTTR ~ UnSelling Is What Happens When – You Understand The Humanity Of Your Market – Produce A Quality Product – And Create Experiences That Lead To Trusted Referrals

~ MAC-WAAC ~ Marketers Are Customers – We Are All Customers

~ UIACTA-RTBJACOE ~ UnSelling Is About Choosing To Aspire – Rather Than Be Just Another Company Or Employee

~ OPOMPU ~ Open Plan Offices Make People Unhappy

~ TSWWWRTT-ECTR ~ The Speed With Which We Reply To Things – Exponentially Changes The Response

~ OMT ~ Online Moron Translator

~ RR&R-DNTTWO ~ Reaction, Rebellion, And Rage – Do Not Take The Weekends Off

~ UMFOTPAEF-SMS ~ UnSelling Means Focusing On The Product And Experiences First – Social Media Second

~ TIGUALOOTBALLETWMBFTF ~ The Internet Gives Us A Lot Of Opportunities To Be A Little Less Ethical Than We Might Be Face To Face

~ J.S.I. ~ Just. Stop. It.

~ RRR ~ Recognized, Relevance, Relationship

~ BYCOPKAF ~ But You Can’t Outsource Passion, Knowledge, And Fun

~ COFFTCATTOA-NTTB ~ Create Opportunities For Fans To Connect And Talk To One Another – Not To The Brand

~ STYCL ~ Share Things Your Customers Like

~ BAH ~ Be A Help

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