~ KT ~ Know Thyself ~ Thales

~ TCIAB ~ The Cold Is A Bond ~ Archelaus

~ MOTPWLBABITS ~ Many Of The Pleasures Which Life Boasts Are But In The Seeming ~ Theophrastus

~ NTISUATLOG ~ Nothing Then Is So Unprofitable As The Love Of Glory ~ Theophrastus

~ BAICNLDWWOTD-PGOWTIIRC ~ But As I Can No Longer Discuss What We Ought To Do – Please Go On With The Inquiry Into Right Conduct ~ Theophrastus

~ FOS ~ Freedom Of Speech ~ Diogenes

~ TPLWATPDWAOATS ~ To Practise Living Well And To Practise Dying Well Are One And The Same ~ Epicurus

~ YDNUEL-HCYUD? ~ You Do Not Understand Even Life – How Can You Understand Death? ~ Kongzi

~ TTSASIAMTT ~ To Teach Superstitions As Truth Is A Most Terrible Thing ~ Hypatia

~ HCYETKAATH-WYCESWIJBYF? ~ How Can You Expect To Know About All The Heavens – When You Cannot Even See What Is Just Beneath Your Feet? ~ Thales

~ BFTMSFITRROCTISEORC-PBCTBTSTWFOC ~ By Far The Most Significant Factor In The Recent Rise Of Conspiracy Theories Is The Existence Of Real Conspiracies – People Believe Conspiracy Theories Because They See The World Full Of Conspiracies ~ Robin Ramsay ~ Conspiracy Theories

~ TPOVIIVECTTGEOI ~ The Power Of Vested Interests Is Vastly Exaggerated Compared To The Gradual Encroachment Of Ideas ~ John Maynard Keynes

~ WMLIOOP-RTT-IED&AI-FTA ~ We Must Look Into Our Own Psyches – Rather Than To – Invisible Enemies, Devils, And Alien Invaders – For The Answers ~ Elaine Showalter ~ Hystories

~ ITCRAE-TCDA ~ If They Can Rig An Election – They Can Do Anything ~ Spike Lee

~ WCE ~ World-Class Eccentric

~ YC-HTTO ~ You Can’t – Hear That Too Often ~ Orson Welles

~ M?W! ~ Me? – We! ~ Muhammad Ali

~ WISCMB-MWLTA ~ When I Started Counting My Blessings – My Whole Life Turned Around ~ Willie Nelson

~ GI-AV-AA-AAA ~ Gratitude Is – A Vaccine – An Antitoxin – And An Antiseptic ~ John Jowett

~ NDIMUTTORT ~ No Duty Is More Urgent Than That Of Returning Thanks ~ Ambrose

~ BK-FEYMIFAHB ~ Be Kind – For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle ~ Philo

~ WYAITMTOWAPIITBA-TTTETL ~ When You Arise In The Morning Think Of What A Privilege It Is To Be Alive – To Think, To Enjoy, To Love ~ Marcus Aurelius

~ CSITCOPABAE ~ Common Sense Is The Collection Of Prejudices Acquired By Age Eighteen ~ Albert Einstein

~ MPCTKOOCOTR-OSNTW-ONS-OWTKWBAF ~ Most People Come To Know Only One Corner Of Their Room – One Spot Near The Window – One Narrow Strip – On Which They Keep Walking Back And Forth ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

~ YCNCTBFTER-TCS-BANMTMTEMO ~ You Can Never Change Things By Fighting The Existing Reality – To Change Something – Build A New Model That Makes The Existing Model Obsolete ~ Buckminster Fuller

~ WLIAWTWL ~ We Live In A World That Worships Limitations ~ Tama Kieves ~ This Time I Dance

~ EYFMS-NBOCFOM ~ Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery – None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds ~ Marcus Garvey

~ SDPWLTMTDNBHAAOLUIMMAWCAP ~ Some Day People Will Learn That Material Things Do Not Bring Happiness And Are Of Little Use In Making Men And Women Creative And Powerful ~ Charles Steinmetz

~ TWATSTEIPACTBGBTWAD ~ Those Who Are Too Smart To Engage In Politics Are Condemned To Being Governed By Those Who Are Dumber ~ Plato

~ ALIAE-TMEYMTB ~ All Life Is An Experiment – The More Experiments You Make The Better ~ Ralph Emerson

~ AWINSBPHNUT ~ Anyone Who Is Not Shocked By Physics Has Not Understood It ~ Niels Bohr

~ IAWYDKTGYIT-TWYKFSTJAS ~ It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble – It’s What You Know For Sure That Just Ain’t So ~ Mark Twain

~ TMTITKTMTTMT ~ The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

~ WAPIBTTIWWHBCTT ~ We Are Powerfully Imprisoned By The Terms In Which We Have Been Conducted To Think ~ Buckminster Fuller

~ IABWA ~ I Am Because We Are

~ AOOPIWPOP ~ An Ounce Of Performance Is Worth Pounds Of Promises ~ Mae West

~ THHIRWRKNO ~ The Heart Has Its Reasons Which Reason Knows Nothing Of ~ Blaise Pascal

~ YAWYDANWYSYA ~ You Are What You Do And Not What You Say You Are ~ Dave Clark

~ EAYTSAS ~ Every Action You Take Sends A Signal ~ Art Mcneil

~ TSABWTMYFITLPSCTIIITITPY ~ The Shortest And Best Way To Make Your Fortune Is To Let People See Clearly That It Is In Their Interests To Promote Yours ~ Jean De La Bruyere

~ TUH-WIHOAAO-DATETSAAWI ~ The Human Understanding – When It Has Once Adopted An Opinion – Draws All Things Else To Support And Agree With It ~ Francis Bacon

~ TSOEPCIKTHOTPYWTPAOYWTF ~ The Secret Of Effective Persuasion Comes In Knowing The Heart Of The Person You Wish To Persuade And Ordering Your Words To Fit ~ Han Fei Tzu

~ MSIDLF ~ Make Sure I Don’t Look Fat

~ RWTDMS-FYH-FYH ~ Remember What The Door Mouse Said – Feed Your Head – Feed Your Head

Grace Slick ~ White Rabbit

~ PB ~ Practice Bilocating ~ Penny Peirce ~ Leap Of Perception

~ RSCBFSTSFAMMS ~ Real Science Can Be Far Stranger Than Science Fiction And Much More Satisfying ~ Stephen Hawking

~ WCLOFO ~ We Cannot Live Only For Ourselves ~ Herman Melville

~ LUNLBIAORIF-BAIA ~ Let Us Not Look Back In Anger Or Forward In Fear – But Around In Awareness ~ James Thurber

~ TATCTWBWCOCOOITSATNOT ~ To Attempt To Change The World Before We Change Our Concept Of Ourselves Is To Struggle Against The Nature Of Things ~ Neville Goddard

~ IWWBAEAOOIAWDOOD-WWATTPOOIAEAWNDTTLOOH ~ If We Would Become As Emotionally Aroused Over Our Ideals As We Do Over Our Dislikes – We Would Ascend To The Plane Of Our Ideals As Easily As We Now Descend To The Level Of Our Hates ~ Neville Goddard

~ VSE ~ Visit Someone Energetically ~ Penny Peirce ~ Leap Of Perception

~ WANHBHASE-WASBHAHE ~ We Are Not Human Beings Having A Spiritual Experience – We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

~ ODNBEBIFOLBBMTDC ~ One Does Not Become Enlightened By Imagining Figures Of Light But By Making The Darkness Conscious ~ Carl Jung

~ TTT ~ Try Time Travel ~ Penny Peirce ~ Leap Of Perception

~ FWB ~ Fiscal Water Boarding ~ Yanis Varoufakis

~ DC ~ Debt Colony ~ Yanis Varoufakis

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