~ ‘MTPMYFRTYE’ ~ “Make The Present Moment Your Friend Rather Than Your Enemy”

~ IAWWEISC-WSBWCTTTWL ~ In A World Where Everything Is Constantly Changing – We Suffer Because We Cling To Things That Won’t Last

~ NL-IU ~ Nothing Lasts – Including Us

~ ‘WOS’ ~ “Wisdom Of Insecurity”

~ ‘C-TBO-TBE ~ “Craving – To Be Otherwise – To Be Elsewhere”

~ MRAATLR ~ Mindfulness Represented An Alternative To Living Reactively

~ WCDMTJT-WAHTPSTBAOT-TWACBAHM ~ We Can Do More Than Just Think – We Also Have The Power Simply To Be Aware Of Things – Thinking Without Awareness Can Be A Harsh Master

~ EITWIUUAUBIWL ~ Everything In The World Is Ultimately Unsatisfying And Unreliable Because It Won’t Last

~ TEIHNAS ~ The Ego Itself Has No Actual Substance

~ ‘ITU?’ ~ “Is This Useful?”

~ IOTWPAP-BOUINUA ~ It’s Okay To Worry, Plot, And Plan – But Only Until It’s Not Useful Anymore

~ IDIBIMM10%H ~ I Do It Because It Makes Me 10% Happier

~ ‘TNC’ ~ “The New Caffeine”

~ HIAS ~ Happiness Is A Skill

~ TBNSIWUKTS ~ The Buddha Never Said It Was Un-Kosher To Strive

~ IHC’LG’W’GS’ ~ I Had Confused “Letting Go” With “Going Soft”

~ ‘TAIIN’ ~ “The Answer Is In Nonattachment”

~ TBIAPSM-OYTI-TM-TAC-OT-TBWWMAMM ~ The Brain Is A Pleasure-Seeking Machine – Once You Teach It – Through Meditation – That Abiding Calmly – Over Time – The Brain Will Want More And More Mindfulness

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