~ STIO ~ Suburbia’s Time Is Over

~ PFDLCLFSTB ~ People Facing Dreadful Losses Commonly Look For Scapegoats To Blame

~ NMM-NBB ~ No More More – No Bigger Bigger

~ OSCATASBFTEROTF-OGCAPOTCEA ~ Our Smaller Cities And Towns Are Scaled Better For The Energy Realities Of The Future – Our Giant Cities Are Products Of The Cheap Energy Age

~ WAWODCAHRITTPHTF ~ We Are Wasting Our Dwindling Capital And Human Resources In Thrall To Preposterous High-Tech Fantasies

~ RIAHM ~ Reality Is A Harsh Mistress

~ WWTAORAE-BBAA? ~ Where Were The Agents Of Regulation And Enforcement – Both Before And After?

~ WBGACADTLTOIWTSATTT ~ We Became Greedy And Craven And Decided That Lying To Ourselves Incessantly Was The Same As Telling The Truth

~ PO-PE ~ Peak Oil – Peak Economy

~ SGWTOBRR ~ Shale Gas Was The Other Big Rescue Remedy

~ WTCGOEAC-MOWWCTKATGSWWA ~ Without The Continued Growth Of Economies And Capital – Much Of What We’ve Come To Know As The Global System Won’t Work Anymore

~ H-SANEL ~ Hydrogen – Still A Net Energy Loser

~ CC-IAMS-NAR ~ Clean Coal – Is A Marketing Scheme – Not A Reality

~ AGMOTUITMLCAIWDBWBUFF ~ A Great Many Of The Useful Inventions That Made Life Comfortable And Interesting Were Develop Before We Began Using Fossil Fuels

~ PWHHOLWFAGOMWBVSTFTWATB ~ People Who Have Had Only Lifestyle Worries For A Generation Or More Will Be Very Surprised To Find Themselves Worrying About The Basics

~ POTWAGTSDITWT ~ Parts Of The World Are Going Through Severe Drops In Their Water Tables

~ TIINATBAPFOHL-IWNLVFITF-TME ~ The Internet Is Now Assumed To Be A Permanent Fixture Of Human Life – It Will Not Last Very Far Into The Future – Too Much Electricity

~ TCISLIIOFRL ~ The Computer Industry Shows Little Interest In Our Fundamental Resource Limits

~ TNOAJIMGWTDIAWWI ~ The Notion Of A Job Itself May Give Way To Different Ideas About What Work Is

~ TMEVNSS-SABRTAWEWOWS ~ There May Even Be New Social Stigmas – Such As Being Related To Anyone Who Ever Worked On Wall Street

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