~ IRP ~ Infinitely Resourceful Paranoia

~ TFSTPII ~ The First Step Toward Philosophy Is Incredulity ~ Denis Diderot

~ IIE ~ It Is Enough ~ Immanuel Kant

~ SHIIAL-TDT! ~ So Here It Is At Last – The Distinguished Thing! ~ Henry James

~ IAGTWNAIHNWB ~ I Am Going To Work Now As I Have Never Worked Before ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

~ AYWYAH-AYCTBS ~ Ask Yourself Whether You Are Happy – And You Cease To Be So ~ John Stuart Mill

~ SCBP-IME ~ Success Cannot Be Pursued – It Must Ensue ~ Viktor Frankl

~ MAMWMA ~ Metaphysicians Are Musicians Without Musical Ability ~ Rudolf Carnap

~ PSASOTWTAD ~ People Say All Sorts Of Things When They Are Drunk

~ DYLS ~ Develop Your Legitimate Strangeness ~ Michel Foucault

~ S-KWARAA! ~ So – Kafka Was A Realist After All! ~ Gyorgy Lukacs

~ ABHIBEM ~ A Black Hole Is Born Every Minute

~ INFIYHTJTMIOTFTYAF ~ It’s Not Freedom If You Have To Join The Majority In Order To Feel That You Are Free ~ Paul Woodruff ~ First Democracy

~ OANPWTCOICAC-IMNWMTNL ~ Once A Nation Parts With The Control Of Its Currency And Credit – It Matters Not Who Makes The Nation’s Laws ~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

~ TSIB-A/O-F~ The System Is Broken – And/Or – Fixed

~ TWMMSNBATMOTTML ~ Things Which Matter Most Should Never Be At The Mercy Of Things That Matter Least ~ Johan Goethe

~ DTRH ~ Down The Rabbit Hole ~ Lewis Carroll ~ Alice In Wonderland

~ U-OIC-WWAN ~ Usury – Once In Control – Will Wreck Any Nation ~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

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