~ CC – ‘TGAWRMFES’ ~ Climate Change – “The Greatest And Widest-Ranging Market Failure Ever Seen”

~ EPIAE ~ Economic Prosperity Is Also Endangered

~ ‘GWHATITV-IITTOS’ ~ “Global Warming Has A Taste In This Village – It Is The Taste Of Salt”

~ WBHTC-M-A-A-S-WADSOEAWDMOAT-TQIWTMWB ~ We Basically Have Three Choices – Mitigation – Adaptation – And – Suffering – We’re Already Doing Some Of Each And Will Do More Of All Three – The Question Is What The Mix Will Be

~ FKT-DCKM ~ Floods Kill Thousands – Drought Can Kill Millions

~ CC ~ Climate Chaos

~ ‘TMCBGAD-TTPO-BIYTTHTCH-AMEMMITP-TETGS’ ~ “The Message Can’t Be Gloom And Doom – That Turns People Off – But If You Tell Them How They Can Help – And Maybe Even Make Money In The Process – They’re Eager To Get Started”

~ ‘WRTSM’ ~ “We’re Repeating The Same Mistakes”

~ AKPOR-IGTB-D ~ A Key Part Of Resilience – Is Going To Be – Diversity

~ ‘IRBSTL’ ~ “I’d Rather Be Smart Than Lucky”

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