~ EOUCAWUAMBOPOO ~ Each Of Us Carries About With Us A Mental Blueprint Or Picture Of Ourselves

~ YW-‘AL’-TSOP-YCYTB ~ You Will – “Act Like” – The Sort Of Person – You Conceive Yourself To Be

~ SICBC ~ Self Image Can Be Changed

~ HBAAAFAPIAWWTITBTATATE-ABAFLOM ~ Human Beings Always Act And Feel And Perform In Accordance With What They Imagine To Be True About Themselves And Their Environment – A Basic And Fundamental Law Of Mind

~ YBISMMHAGOT ~ Your Built-In Success Mechanism Must Have A Goal Or Target

~ TITOTERATMWWOTCOT ~ Think In Terms Of The End Result And The Means Whereby Will Often Take Care Of Themselves

~ DNBAOMMOOTF ~ Do Not Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes Or Of Temporary Failure

~ DTTAYWHTP ~ Do The Thing And You Will Have The Power

~ WNIYS? ~ Why Not Imagine Yourself Successful?

~ ‘S’-ANR-MPC ~ “Seeing” – A New Role – Must Proceed Change

~ IASARSOTSC ~ Inferiority And Superiority Are Reverse Sides Of The Same Coin

~ IAC-NB-‘W’-B-B-OI ~ Ideas Are Changed – Not By – “Will” – But – By – Other Ideas

~ AAI ~ Act As If

~ ‘G’-I-AP ~ “Genius” – Is – A Process

~ FTHOCRTTPM ~ Form The Habit Of Consciously Responding To The Present Moment

~ TNATFT ~ Take No Anxious Thought For Tomorrow

~ GAYATTPM ~ Give All Your Attention To The Present Moment

~ BLTW-YDTMWYPTMTB ~ By Living Today Well – You Do The Most Within Your Power To Make Tomorrow Better

~ HDNLITFBTP ~ Happiness Does Not Lie In The Future But The Present

~ HIAMHWCBCAD ~ Happiness Is A Mental Habit Which Can Be Cultivated And Developed

~ OSIAOHTTGT ~ Our Self Image And Our Habits Tend To Go Together

~ GYAGWWF ~ Get Yourself A Goal Worth Working For

~ AHSTLFT ~ Always Have Something To Look Forward To

~ TDEWAP-YMHSUOITN ~ To Deal Effectively With A Problem – You Must Have Some Understanding Of Its True Nature

~ FVO ~ Fact Versus Opinion

~ BWTSTT ~ Be Willing To See The Truth

~ A-AT-C-YM ~ Admit – And Then – Correct – Your Mistakes

~ IHYWFIYS-ATFTWN ~ Imagine How You Would Feel If You Succeeded – And Then Feel That Way Now

~ YANYM ~ You Are Not Your Mistakes

~ F-WIIRAGACATF-IHT ~ Forgiveness – When It Is Real And Genuine And Complete And Then Forgotten Is Highly Therapeutic

~ FYAWAO ~ Forgive Yourself As Well As Others

~ CCO ~ Calmness Carries Over

~ KYGIM ~ Keep Your Goal In Mind

~ TPOTGMBSSC-TIB-‘R’-TYBANS ~ The Possibility Of The Goal Must Be Seen So Clearly – That It Becomes – “Real” – To Your Brain And Nervous System

~ S-CIBUMOPS ~ Self Confidence Is Built Upon Memories Of Past Successes

~ LASACEARANEASE-A-TBHN ~ Love And Security And Creative Expression And Recognition And New Experiences And Self Esteem – Are – The Basic Human Needs

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