~ EHIAM ~ Every Home Is A Museum

~ PWLTCIEWBATDTQOTL ~ People Who Learn To Control Inner Experience Will Be Able To Determine The Quality Of Their Lives

~ YWCRHBCSFI ~ Yet We Cannot Reach Happiness By Consciously Searching For It

~ TBMUOWAPIBOMISTILIAVETASDAW ~ The Best Moments Usually Occur When A Person In Body Or Mind Is Stretched To Its Limits In A Voluntary Effort To Accomplish Something Difficult And Worthwhile

~ ATHCBASOJ ~ Anything That Happens Can Be A Source Of Joy

~ WMCRWWD-LHAPWBUTNP ~ We Must Constantly Reevaluate What We Do – Lest Habits And Past Wisdom Blind Us To New Possibilities

~ TPOTMIOIBIJC ~ The Peak Of The Mountain Is Only Important Because It Justifies Climbing

~ OSOTUIHTBC ~ Our Sense Of The Universe Is Held Together By Conversation

~ ICBATTMFOCINTGTABTITQOE ~ It Could Be Argued That The Main Function Of Conversation Is Not To Get Things Accomplished But To Improve The Quality Of Experience

~ OOMTED-CWWYHBDITPFHHBCWYG ~ One Or More Times Each Day – Check Whether What You Have Been Doing In The Past Few Hours Has Been Consistent With Your Goals

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