~ IIASFTTGPAPTHOTWAUTTDOPOTBIQ-BATDIBLR ~ It Is A Singular Fact That The Great Pyramid Always Predicts The History Of The World Accurately Up To The Date Of Publication Of The Book In Question – But After That Date It Becomes Less Reliable ~ Bertrand Russell

~ OOPFIITJAGTPONCS-T-OQ-OTBOSE-AIARM-ATPTHATC-WSADAT ~ One Of Psychology’s Fundamental Insights Is That Judgements Are Generally The Products Of Non-Conscious Systems – That – Operate Quickly – On The Basis Of Scant Evidence – And In A Routine Manner – And Then Pass Their Hurried Approximations To Consciousness – Which Slowly And Deliberately Adjusts Them ~ Daniel Gilbert

~ TAOTMTFIBU’F’OTF-AOHAAUT-IFGTMPR ~ The Ability Of The Mind To Fool Itself By Unconscious ‘Fudgin’ On The Facts – An Overemphasis Here And An Underemphasis There – Is Far Greater Than Most People Realize ~ Martin Gardner ~ Fads And Fallacies In The Name Of Science

~ WAVGAMUTGTAWATH-ATDH-WAALAGAFOEMC ~ We Are Very Good At Making Up These Grand Theories About What’s About To Happen – After They Don’t Happen – We Are At Least As Good At Forgetting Our Earlier Mistaken Certitude ~ Paul Wells

~ CAETP ~ Creative Accounting Enters The Picture ~ David Harvey ~ The Enigma Of Capital

~ MEOW ~ Moral Equivalent Of War ~ Jimmy Carter

~ OW-BNID ~ Often Wrong – But Never In Doubt ~ Norman Lamont

~ IO ~ Interlocking Contingencies ~ Michael Oakeshott

~ WLLTPIRTRPWTRA ~ What Looks Like Tomorrow’s Problem Is Rarely The Real Problem When Tomorrow Rolls Around ~ James Fallows

~ IOPAP-WMMOOF ~ Instead Of Posing As Prophets – We Must Make Our Own Fate ~ Karl Popper

~ TMIPOSIK-H-TMIPOKII ~ The Most Important Product Of Science Is Knowledge – However – The Most Important Product Of Knowledge Is Ignorance ~ David Gross

~ WMSNTDT-NUSOEWWROITNC ~ We Must Start Now To Develop The – New, Unconventional Sources Of Energy We Will Rely On In The Next Century ~ Jimmy Carter

~ IDNRMWWEFL-BR-WLEFU ~ It Did Not Really Matter What We Expected From Life – But Rather – What Life Expected From Us ~ Victor Frankl ~ Man’s Search For Meaning

~ TIASPWOIME ~ There Is A Serious Problem With Overconfidence In Many Experts ~ Philip Tetlock

~ IOI-O-OC-CCITAOATWOTEOC-IAAPAATCOTWC ~ If One Individual – Or – One Class – Can Call In The Aid Of Authority To Ward Off The Effects Of Competition – It Acquires A Privilege And At The Cost Of The Whole Community ~ Jean-Baptiste Say ~ A Treatise On Political Economy

~ TINRTTTTHWMTTTP ~ There Is No Reason To Think That The Heretics Were More Tolerant Than Their Persecutors ~ Perez Zagorin ~ How The Idea Of Religious Toleration Came To The West

~ DWOSIIIES ~ Doing What Others Say Is Impossible Is Enormously Satisfying ~ David Schwartz ~ The Magic Of Getting What You Want

~ LS ~ Left Shark

~ AMFWA ~ A Machine For Winning Arguments ~ Robert Wright ~ The Moral Animal

~ THU-WIHOAAO-EABTROOABATI-DATETSAAWI ~ The Human Understanding – When It Has Once Adopted An Opinion – Either As Being The Received Opinion Or As Being Agreeable To Itself – Draws All Things Else To Support And Agree With It ~ Francis Bacon ~ The New Organon

~ YGIAGAM ~ Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

~ YOYO ~ You’re On Your Own

~ IIUTDWMWCBDWF ~ It Is Useless To Do With More What Can Be Done With Fewer ~ William of Ockham

~ OANPWTCOICAC-IMNWMTNL ~ Once A Nation Parts With The Control Of Its Currency And Credit – It Matters Not Who Makes The Nation’s Laws ~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

~ MUDWIBTA ~ Money Usually Depreciates When It Becomes Too Abundant ~ Nicolaus Copernicus ~ Henry Spiegel ~ The Growth Of Economic Thought

~ TFOESR ~ The Fiction Of Effective Self-Regulation

~ FIPA ~ Foreign Investment Protection Agreements

~ BIT ~ Bilateral Investment Treaties

~ STR ~ Suspicious Transaction Report

~ IDTTBPOTOCSBONEP ~ I Don’t Think The Business Plans Of The Oil Companies Should Be Our National Energy Policy ~ Anthony Ingraffea

~ U-OIC-WWAN ~ Usury – Once In Control – Will Wreck Any Nation ~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

~ SAB ~ Siberian Actino Bacteria

~ WTS? ~ Where’s The Study?

~ SW? ~ Says Who?

~ TLOTI ~ The Loneliness Of The Interconnected ~ Charles Seife ~ Virtual Unreality

~ WADAB ~ Write A Dog About Blogs

~ SMTSP ~ Show Me The Studies Please

~ SBPWIY-FAW ~ Several Billion People Will Ignore You – For A While

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