~ BIIADTAAOU ~ Bad Information Is A Disease That Affects All Of Us

~ IEGHTTWAAIARPOJAS ~ It’s Even Getting Harder To Tell Whether An Authority Is A Real Person Or Just A Simulacrum

~ SP ~ SockPuppetry

~ TLOTI ~ The Loneliness Of The Interconnected

~ NETCIAUBAFMCAFCARBABOFT ~ Now Even The Craziest Ideas Are Usually But A Few Mouse Clicks Away From Confirmation And Reinforcement By A Band Of Fellow Travellers

~ NIGBOB-ATCWGNANATABHAHTF ~ Narrowcasting Is Gradually Beating Out Broadcasting – And The Casts Will Get Narrower And Narrower As The Audience Becomes Harder And Harder To Find

~ TNICTBAWUTW-IIBAMTAUTGOUOOB ~ The News Is Ceasing To Be A Window Unto The World – It Is Becoming A Mirror That Allows Us To Gaze Only Upon Our Own Beliefs

~ HILWEOFB-OTTVMOPR-KTUT ~ History Is Littered With Examples Of Fringe Beliefs – Ones That The Vast Majority Of People Rejected – Killing Thousands Upon Thousands

~ ‘SEO’-WILTATAR ~ “Search-Engine Optimization” – What Is Likely To Appeal To A Robot

~ TIICWEH-TBMSP-AWBEP ~ The Internet Is Crawling With Ersatz Humans – They’re Becoming More Successful Predators – And We’re Becoming Easier Prey

~ TSPGINU ~ The Spanish Prisoner Game Is Now Ubiquitous

~ TMPWOCAPFITDYH ~ The Most Potent Way Of Countering A Potential Fraudster Is To Do Your Homework

~ WMCORWI-BMSAMC-AAOWPTTAUTIDF-AWHTBWTSTTTDI ~ We Must Change Our Relationship With Information – Becoming More Skeptical And More Cynical – And Arm Ourselves With Powerful Tools To Allow Us To Interrogate Dubious Facts – And We Have To Be Willing To Spend The Time To Do It

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