~ TMAHM ~ Think More About Having More

~ LYTV ~ Limit Your Television Viewing

~ SATFFYDF ~ Set A Time Frame For Your Dream Fulfillment

~ DAFOTA ~ Dreams Are Fulfilled Only Through Action

~ MATCTYD ~ Make A Total Commitment To Your Dream

~ PAPMWTTTAW ~ People Are Pretty Much What They Think They Are Worth

~ YSIITDD ~ Your Self Image Is The Decisive Difference

~ KOSYTY ~ Keep On Selling Yourself To Yourself

~ STETYWOTF ~ Set The Example That You Want Others To Follow

~ FYMSPI ~ Feed Your Mind Success Producing Information

~ GAFPW-STRP-ANFTW-PTOFOWYACD ~ Get Advice From People Who – See The Real Picture – And Not From Those Who – Project Their Own Fears Onto What You Are Considering Doing

~ ETEOPYTART ~ Enjoy The Excitement Of Putting Yourself To A Real Test

~ GMOY ~ Give More Of You

~ MTSE ~ Make The Second Effort

~ RITMTGOA ~ Respect Is The Most Treasured Gift Of All

~ GTIGTATTTRAGWIILE ~ Give Intangible Gifts That Are Tailored To The Receiver And Give When It Is Least Expected

~ EPTT ~ Encourage People To Talk

~ KSIOPTYC ~ Keep Sensitive Information Other People Tell You Confidential

~ TALAPAY ~ Talk As Little As Possible About Yourself

~ ACAPTYAG ~ Accept Criticism As Proof That You Are Growing

~ SPAA ~ Successful People Are Askers

~ WNATHWCG ~ We Need All The Help We Can Get

~ ASPFAIAKTS ~ Asking Successful People For Advice Is A Key To Success

~ SAFW ~ Seek Advice From Winners

~ AFH ~ Ask For Help

~ OOTGJPHITSTGFWO ~ One Of The Greatest Joys People Have Is To Share Their Good Fortune With Others

~ FAM ~ Find A Mentor

~ SATHEMYHHONH ~ Sincerely Attempt To Heal Every Misunderstanding You Have Had Or Now Have

~ AFFIASOS ~ Asking For Forgiveness Is A Sign Of Strength

~ ESR ~ Expect Some Rejection

~ AA-BIADW ~ Ask Again – But In A Different Way

~ A-BDNB ~ Ask – But Do Not Beg

~ AAIEYD ~ Act Alive In Everything You Do

~ TCR ~ Take Calculated Risks

~ PATWIOP ~ Pay Attention To What Interests Other People

~ KYC ~ Keep Your Commitments

~ KAOT ~ Keep Appointments On Time

~ KCC ~ Keep Confidences Confidential

~ RTTTGR ~ Resist The Temptation To Get Revenge

~ FYP ~ Fulfill Your Promises

~ BH ~ Be Humble

~ LOPTAT ~ Let Other People Talk About Themselves

~ DTPTPWYD ~ Develop The Patience To Perfect What You Do

~ YRIYMIA ~ Your Reputation Is Your Most Important Asset

~ BSYEIWC ~ Be Sure Your Example Is Worth Copying

~ IMEWE? ~ Is My Example Worth Emulating?

~ TISNSFTPITPOAG ~ There Is Simply No Substitute For Total Persistency In The Pursuit Of A Goal

~ AGART ~ All Great Achievements Require Time

~ WYSIU-WYAHME ~ Where You Start Is Unimportant – Where You Are Headed Means Everything

~ EMM-B-DNLICY ~ Enjoy Making Money – But – Do Not Let It Control You

~ YMBWYFI ~ Your Mind Becomes What You Feed It

~ A’C’MBTM ~ Avoid “Crises” Manufactured By The Media

~ DWOSIIIES ~ Doing What Others Say Is Impossible Is Enormously Satisfying

~ CUYG ~ Continually Upgrade Your Goals

~ SBGCTETAT ~ Setting Big Goals Creates The Energy To Achieve Them

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