~ E-ESOOU-EHMWELBOWAU ~ Everyone – Every Single One Of Us – Eats How Much We Eat Largely Because Of What’s Around Us

~ WO-NBOH-BBO:F&F/P&P/N&N/L&L/C&C/S&S/D&D/C&C ~ We Overeat – Not Because Of Hunger – But Because Of: Family And Friends / Packages And Places / Names And Numbers / Labels And Lights / Colors And Candles / Shapes And Smells / Distractions And Distances / Cupboards And Containers

~ MOUABUOWIHMWE-WATWTSTBT ~ Most Of Us Are Blissfully Unaware Of What Influences How Much We Eat – We All Think We’re Too Smart To Be Tricked

~ WETMWKI-B-YCAELWKI ~ We Eat Too Much Without Knowing It – But – You Can Also Eat Less Without Knowing It

~ TBDITOYDKYO ~ The Best Diet Is The One You Don’t Know You’re On

~ WOBTASACAUTTUTE ~ We Overeat Because There Are Signals And Cues Around Us That Tell Us To Eat

~ DDDW-OBFAT-OBFAT-ODTDEFAT ~ Deprivation Diets Don’t Work – Our Body Fights Against Them – Our Brain Fights Against Them – Our Day-To-Day Environment Fights Against Them

~ OBMIE-WIHLFTBITDTFABIMSAE-TEHOASFABW ~ Our Body’s Metabolism Is Efficient – When It Has Less Food To Burn It Turns Down The Furnace And Burns It More Slowly And Efficiently – This Efficiency Helped Our Ancestors Survive Famines And Barren Winters

~ ADTIBODYTFYRLIGTBRT ~ Any Diet That Is Based On Denying Yourself The Foods You Really Like Is Going To Be Really Temporary

~ IWDRWEALLTWN-WDFD-IWDFD-WLLTB ~ If We Don’t Realize We’re Eating A Little Less Than We Need – We Don’t Feel Deprived – If We Don’t Feel Deprived – We’re Less Likely To Backslide

~ MPG(OL)WSGTCRFOHIH-TITMM-ACR-WWFFAAUOSD ~ Most People Gain (Or Lose) Weight So Gradually They Can’t Really Figure Out How It Happened – This Is The Mindless Margin – A Calorie Range – Where We Feel Fine And Are Unaware Of Small Differences

~ IT-3500C-TEOP-IDMIWETE-3500C-IOWOGOTEY ~ It Takes – 3500 Extra Calories – To Equal One Pound – It Doesn’t Matter If We Eat These Extra – 3500 Calories – In One Week Or Gradually Over The Entire Year

~ COOFFIADI-CDOHMOTWEIMDA ~ Cutting Out Our Favorite Foods Is A Bad Idea – Cutting Down On How Much Of Them We Eat Is Mindlessly Do-Able

~ TMM ~ The Mindless Margin

~ DO20%LTYTYMWBYSTE-PCE20%LWNI ~ Dish Out 20 Percent Less Than You Think You Might Want Before You Start To Eat – People Can Eat 20 Percent Less Without Noticing It

~ IWCSWWE-WWPEL ~ If We Could See What We’ve Eaten – We Would Probably Eat Less

~ WPPTF-TEA14%LTWTTSAAGBFSOT-PEYWTEOAPBYSE ~ When People Preplate Their Food – They Eat About 14 Percent Less Than When They Take Smaller Amounts And Go Back For Seconds Or Thirds – Put Everything You Want To Eat On A Plate Before You Start Eating

~ SIWYEI-YELIYSWYAE-TSITWB ~ See It While You Eat It – You’ll Eat Less If You See What You’ve Already Eaten – The Same Is True With Beverages

~ MZYB-TBTPYPF-TMYWE ~ Mini-Size Your Boxes – The Bigger The Package You Pour From – The More You Will Eat

~ STOFCMYH-TMYTOS-TMOIYE ~ Simply Thinking Of Food Can Make You Hungry – The More You Think Of Something – The More Of It You’ll Eat

~ SSS-TFBOAIAATB-TSALL-TTLA ~ Sensory Specific Satiety – The First Bite Of Anything Is Almost Always The Best – The Second A Little Less – The Third Less Again

~ THPAU ~ The Hidden Persuaders Around Us

~ MHFETS-ALHFHTS ~ Make Healthy Foods Easy To See – And Less Healthy Foods Hard To See

~ ‘DC’-TF ~ “De-Convenience” – Tempting Foods

~ OA-IYEWOOP-YEA35%MTYOW-IYEWAGOSOM-YENTAM ~ On Average – If You Eat With One Other Person – You’ll Eat About 35 Percent More Than You Otherwise Would – If You Eat With A Group Of Seven Or More – You’ll Eat Nearly Twice As Much

~ MES ~ Mindless Eating Scripts

~ A-Y-C-E-T ~ All-You-Can-Eat-Television

~ PWWALOTV-EL-EM ~ People Who Watch A Lot Of TV – Exercise Less – Eat More

~ TTTUACTTYWYHSTBESFPWAO ~ The Tendency To Use A Clock To Tell Yourself When You’re Hungry Seems To Be Especially Strong For People Who Are Overweight


~ POD ~ Politics Of Denial

~ IWCAABUOTDADTWWAANE-WMBTKWTDAI ~ If We Can Achieve A Better Understanding Of The Disruptions And Destruction To Which We Are All Now Exposed – We Might Begin To Know What To Do About It

~ MH ~ Moral Hazard

~ BBBBTDNHTBRFTNCOHRB ~ Banks Behave Badly Because They Do Not Have To Be Responsible For The Negative Consequences Of High-Risk Behaviour

~ STBASTPWW-FTB ~ Save The Banks And Screw The People Worked Wonders – For The Banks

~ CAETP ~ Creative Accounting Enters The Picture

~ TPCGFIRISC-E-M-P-S ~ Three Per Cent Growth Forever Is Running Into Serious Constraints – Environmental – Market – Profitability – Spatial


~ NL ~ Negative Liberty

~ PL ~ Positive Liberty

~ AFWDHRAAC ~ Any Freedom Worth Defending Has Responsibility As A Corollary

~ STATCLFSGANTTCWSLRFTOC ~ Societies That Allow Their Citizens Latitude For Self-Governance Also Need To Trust Citizens With Some Level Of Responsibility For Their Own Conduct

~ TGTTATBHFABL-ITLR-CFOHB ~ The Greatest Threat To And The Best Hope For A Better Life – In The Long Run – Comes From Other Human Beings

~ MOTMICOPAHBU ~ Many Of The Most Important Consequences Of People’s Actions Have Been Unintended

~ FFP ~ Freedom From Poverty

~ FFAP ~ Freedom From Absolute Poverty

~ FFW ~ Freedom From War

~ TINPFBC ~ There Is No Perfect For Being Considerate

~ NSOLWEUTBGNJBOTL ~ No System Of Law Will Enable Us To Be Good Neighbors Just By Obeying The Law

~ TWWSTPTFOAU-IDNS-STRWTCTIOWCAC ~ The West Was Supposed To Prevent The Formation Of An Underclass – It Did Not Succeed – So The Response Was To Change The Ideology Of What Constitutes A Class

~ OFAWTBTOIGFTO-ATNTO ~ Oppressors Find A Way To Believe That Oppression Is Good For The Oppressed – And Thus Not Truly Oppressive

~ WWLFFOP-EATM ~ Women Were Largely Forbidden From Owning Property – Especially After They Married

~ BITPOASUOCWOJ-EWTIIAUPMTIRIFOOF ~ Being In The Presence Of A Seemingly Unanimous Opinion Can Warp Our Judgment – Even When The Issue Is An Uncontroversial Perceptual Matter That Is Right In Front Of Our Faces

~ TEOSP-OOPEIG-ATCDI ~ The Effect Of Social Pressure – Of Other People’s Expectations In General – Appears To Cut Deeply Indeed

~ CB ~ Confirmation Bias

~ WAFAIOPOO-IISPTAD ~ We Are Fairly Accurate In Our Perceptions Of Others – It Is Self-Perceptions That Are Distorted

~ THT ~ The Hedonic Treadmill

~ WWOASOS-CTTU-AAW ~ What Was Once A Source Of Satisfaction – Ceases To Thrill Us – After A While

~ STTBE-NMHMWA ~ Satisfaction Tends To Be Ephemeral – No Matter How Much We Achieve


~ PPTMP ~ Practice Perfectly To Make Perfect

~ HAOM ~ Have An Open Mind

~ BF ~ Be Flexible

~ FOCSI ~ Focus On Continuous Self-Improvement

~ DBD ~ Dream Big Dreams

~ HACSOD ~ Have A Clear Sense Of Direction

~ SGAWTD ~ Set Goals And Write Them Down

~ BU ~ Be Unique

~ AWTRP ~ Associate With The Right People

~ AFH ~ Ask For Help

~ MOT ~ Master One Thing

~ DOTAAT ~ Do One Thing At A Time

~ BAO ~ Be An Optimist

~ BAPT ~ Be A Positive Thinker

~ BIY ~ Believe In Yourself

~ HSPV ~ Have Strong Personal Values

~ DYTSO ~ Dedicate Yourself To Serving Others

~ BHWYAO ~ Be Honest With Yourself And Others

~ BTFTG ~ Be The First To Give

~ DWYL ~ Do What You Love

~ BP ~ Be Persistent

~ BC ~ Be Committed

~ BP ~ Be Patient

~ PTPIA ~ Pay The Price In Advance

~ DSD ~ Develop Self-Discipline

~ TR ~ Take Risks

~ AR ~ Accept Responsibility

~ DDAF ~ Don’t Despair At Failure

~ KYNP ~ Know You’re Not Perfect

~ AUAD ~ Accept Ups And Downs

~ DR ~ Develop Resilience

~ F-BDSD ~ Fall – But Don’t Stay Down

~ MDF ~ Make Decisions Fast

~ DARFU ~ Develop A Reputation For Urgency

~ BSE ~ Be Self-Employed


~ IO ~ Informed Opportunism

~ BRWLOI ~ Be Ready With Lots Of Information

~ EIASOCI ~ Everyone Is A Source Of Creative Input

~ SBBPA ~ Set Boundaries But Provide Autonomy

~ EYOA ~ Examine Your Own Attitudes

~ WR(FF) ~ Welcome Reality (Friendly Facts)

~ FNO ~ Facts Not Opinions

~ RTM ~ Reward The Messenger

~ SYAOSY ~ See Yourself As Others See You

~ KITWR ~ Keep In Touch With Reality

~ LATBIATVC ~ Look At The Best In All The Various Categories

~ FLTTWFY ~ Find Listening Techniques That Work For You

~ ECV ~ Establish Company Values

~ YGWYE ~ You Get What You Expect

~ ACAO ~ Articulate Challenges As Opportunities

~ CAHI ~ Clear And Honest Information

~ TPIC ~ Turn Problems Into Causes

~ DA ~ Directed Autonomy

~ STB-AGOOTW ~ Set The Boundaries – And Get Out Of The Way

~ BRFOTK-WPOI ~ Be Ready For Opportunity To Knock – With Plenty Of Information

~ II ~ Institutionalize Introspection

~ MTWABAAPF ~ Model Those Who Are Best At Any Particular Function

~ ALFABW ~ Always Look For A Better Way

~ PATWYCI ~ Pay Attention To What You Consider Important

~ PM ~ Provide Meaning

~ TASSITDOACLTAGIITC ~ Taking A Small Step In The Direction Of A Commitment Leads To A Greater Involvement In That Commitment

~ MTBBTOACOCATCASOCV ~ Maintain The Balance Between The Opportunity And Challenge Of Change And The Consistency And Security Of Central Values

~ BW/TB ~ Breakthrough We/They Barriers

~ AIATI ~ Attention Is All There Is