~ DCISWEEHS-A-TWNOEHT ~ Discovery Consists In Seeing What Everyone Else Has Seen – And – Thinking What No One Else Has Thought ~ Ablert Szent-Gyorgyi

~ HCYBIYOW-IYDNBITHOTE? ~ How Can You Believe In Your Own Humanity – If You Do Not Believe In The Humanity Of The Enemy?~ Eyad El-Sarraj

~ ITINBV-ISBGTKWI ~ If That Is Not Being Virtuous – I Should Be Glad To Know What Is ~ Thomas De Quincey

~ TTOPEAOST ~ The Time Of Philosopher-Executioners And Of State Terrorism ~ Albert Camus

~ ETIWSD-TWNATITWIWRHBD ~ Even Though It Was So Difficult – There Was Not Another Thing In The World I Would Rather Have Been Doing ~ Terry Fox

~ COTIOO ~ Capitalize On The Inertia Of Others ~ Joyce Brothers ~ How To Get Whatever You Want From Life

~ OHDNDURBOH ~ Obstinate Habits Do Not Disappear Until Replaced By Other Habits ~ Carl Jung

~ TPOTCATU ~ The Play Of The Contingent And The Unforeseen ~ Herbert Fisher

~ IIIFTWETGIWOOPAED ~ It Is Impossible For The World Economy To Grow Its Way Out Of Poverty And Environmental Degradation ~ Herman Daly

~ TWMTWUOTT-ATFTCOIS ~ Those Who Make The Worst Use Of Their Time – Are The First To Complain Of Its Shortness ~ Lean De La Bruysre

~ RYMOIWRY ~ Rule Your Mind Or It Will Rule You ~ Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

~ TBIHOEA ~ The Beginning Is Half Of Every Action

~ BWCDS-WMBS ~ Before We Can Do Something – We Must Be Something ~ Johann Goethe

~ VINE-IMBCWV ~ Vision Is Not Enough – It Must Be Combined With Venture ~ Vaclav Havel

~ BATF-FTSNBBOOS ~ Blessed Are The Flexible – For They Shall Not Be Bent Out Of Shape ~ Michael McGriffy

~ WYFYIAH-SD ~ When You Find Yourself In A Hole – Stop Digging ~ Will Rogers

~ FCORYEWYHFYA ~ Fanaticism Consists Of Redoubling Your Efforts When You Have Forgotten Your Aim ~ George Santayana

~ YHBW ~ You Have Been Warned

~ CAP-DWTGP ~ Celebrate Any Progress – Don’t’ Wait To Get Perfect ~ Ann McGee Cooper

~ NIMDTAI-WIITOOYH ~ Nothing Is More Dangerous Than An Idea – When It Is The Only One You Have ~ Emile Chartier

~ IIETAYIABWOF-TTFYIABWOA ~ It Is Easier To Act Yourself Into A Better Way Of Feeling – Than To Feel Yourself Into A Better Way Of Action ~ Orval Mowrer

~ WLIOPTD-LIOPNTD ~ What Lies In Our Power To Do – Lies In Our Power Not To Do ~ Aristotle

~ TBPTSI-WAY-WWYH ~ The Best Place To Succeed Is – Where You Are – With What You Have ~ Charles Schwab

~ TMOESPLLAD ~ The Middle Of Every Successful Project Looks Like A Disaster – Rosabeth Moss Cantor

~ PSFP ~ Practicing Stress-Free Productivity ~ David Allen ~ Getting Things Done

~ IYNSWYDS-YCNDEOI ~ If You’re Not Sure Why You’re Doing Something – You Can Never Do Enough Of It ~ David Allen ~ Getting Things Done

~ WTPMOLDMC-SIHPAEMEMOKAPUC ~ With The Present Means Of Long-Distance Mass Communication – Sprawling Isolation Has Proved An Even More Effective Method Of Keeping A Population Under Control ~ Lewis Mumford ~ The City In History

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