~ NL ~ Negative Liberty

~ PL ~ Positive Liberty

~ AFWDHRAAC ~ Any Freedom Worth Defending Has Responsibility As A Corollary

~ STATCLFSGANTTCWSLRFTOC ~ Societies That Allow Their Citizens Latitude For Self-Governance Also Need To Trust Citizens With Some Level Of Responsibility For Their Own Conduct

~ TGTTATBHFABL-ITLR-CFOHB ~ The Greatest Threat To And The Best Hope For A Better Life – In The Long Run – Comes From Other Human Beings

~ MOTMICOPAHBU ~ Many Of The Most Important Consequences Of People’s Actions Have Been Unintended

~ FFP ~ Freedom From Poverty

~ FFAP ~ Freedom From Absolute Poverty

~ FFW ~ Freedom From War

~ TINPFBC ~ There Is No Perfect For Being Considerate

~ NSOLWEUTBGNJBOTL ~ No System Of Law Will Enable Us To Be Good Neighbors Just By Obeying The Law

~ TWWSTPTFOAU-IDNS-STRWTCTIOWCAC ~ The West Was Supposed To Prevent The Formation Of An Underclass – It Did Not Succeed – So The Response Was To Change The Ideology Of What Constitutes A Class

~ OFAWTBTOIGFTO-ATNTO ~ Oppressors Find A Way To Believe That Oppression Is Good For The Oppressed – And Thus Not Truly Oppressive

~ WWLFFOP-EATM ~ Women Were Largely Forbidden From Owning Property – Especially After They Married

~ BITPOASUOCWOJ-EWTIIAUPMTIRIFOOF ~ Being In The Presence Of A Seemingly Unanimous Opinion Can Warp Our Judgment – Even When The Issue Is An Uncontroversial Perceptual Matter That Is Right In Front Of Our Faces

~ TEOSP-OOPEIG-ATCDI ~ The Effect Of Social Pressure – Of Other People’s Expectations In General – Appears To Cut Deeply Indeed

~ CB ~ Confirmation Bias

~ WAFAIOPOO-IISPTAD ~ We Are Fairly Accurate In Our Perceptions Of Others – It Is Self-Perceptions That Are Distorted

~ THT ~ The Hedonic Treadmill

~ WWOASOS-CTTU-AAW ~ What Was Once A Source Of Satisfaction – Ceases To Thrill Us – After A While

~ STTBE-NMHMWA ~ Satisfaction Tends To Be Ephemeral – No Matter How Much We Achieve

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