~ WNLHCB ~ Work No Longer Has Clear Boundaries

~ ATCYTOOUCCY-AOD ~ Anything That Causes You To Overreact Or Underreact Can Control You – And Often Does

~ TRGSBOLOT-TGSBTDOTHNBD ~ Things Rarely Get Stuck Because Of Lack Of Time – They Get Stuck Because The Doing Of Them Has Not Been Defined

~ TIUAIPBHMSIOYMAHMIGD ~ There Is Usually An Inverse Proportion Between How Much Something Is On Your Mind And How Much It’s Getting Done

~ TINRETHTSTT-UYLHTT ~ There Is No Reason Ever To Have The Same Thought Twice – Unless You Like Having That Thought

~ RYLAOAYNT-TGTOYM ~ Review Your Lists As Often As You Need To – To Get Them Off Your Mind

~ HYEWSL? ~ Have You Envisioned Wild Success Lately?

~ IYWTHAGIBYHAI-YWHMI ~ If You’re Waiting To Have A Good Idea Before You Have Any Ideas – You Won’t Have Many Ideas

~ OTOWTMAHDITCBTTP ~ Often The Only Way To Make A Hard Decision Is To Come Back To The Purpose

~ IYNSWYDS-YCNDEOI ~ If You’re Not Sure Why You’re Doing Something – You Can Never Do Enough Of It

~ AGWTFOWSMB-ITUATTIPN ~ A Good Way To Find Out What Something Might Be – Is To Uncover All The Things It’s Probably Not

~ HMPDYRNTDE?-TSAI-AMAYNTGTPOYM ~ How Much Planning Do You Really Need To Do? – The Simple Answer Is – As Much As You Need To Get The Project Off Your Mind

~ PSFP ~ Practicing Stress-Free Productivity

~ OYKHTPYSAWTO-YRJNTCAML ~ Once You Know How To Process Your Stuff And What To Organize – You Really Just Need To Create And Manage Lists

~ OOTBTFEYPPIHOTTYLTU ~ One Of The Best Tricks For Enhancing Your Personal Productivity Is Having Organizing Tools That You Love To Use

~ TIBIAPS-NASB ~ The In-Basket Is A Processing Station – Not A Storage Bin

~ IRMLETMEAAZBTAATB ~ It Requires Much Less Energy To Maintain E-Mail At A Zero Base Than At A Thousand Base

~ IIITFGAYCUYACAWYWRI ~ It Is Impossible To Feel Good About Your Choices Unless You Are Clear About What Your Work Really Is

~ IYNTSWYJI-IWAFO ~ If You’re Not Totally Sure What Your Job Is – It Will Always Feel Overwhelming

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