~ OEIAMOO ~ Our Environment Is A Mirror Of Ourselves

~ WGWWE ~ We Get What We Expect

~ LIWHWPMO-AOITATT ~ Luck Is What Happens When Preparedness Meets Opportunity – And Opportunity Is There All The Time

~ F&F ~ Forgive And Forget

~ AAI ~ Act As If

~ TAWINTBW ~ The Average Way Is Not The Best Way

~ SITPROAWO ~ Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Objective

~ NCTTPOACASP ~ Nothing Can Take The Place Of A Clear And Strong Purpose

~ MCOYPACH ~ Make Concentrating On Your Purpose A Continuous Habit

~ MPDNKHTT ~ Most People Do Not Know How To Think

~ TGMOPHTL-THW ~ The Great Majority Of People Have To Learn – The Hard Way

~ YMPWOTFBYWRH ~ You Must Put Wood On The Fire Before You Will Receive Heat

~ SBYR ~ Sow Before You Reap

~ WYASSLICNHWYAS ~ What You Are Speaks So Loudly I Can Not Hear What You Are Saying

~ IIGB ~ Integrity Is Good Business

~ TPWDNR-INBOTTP ~ The Person Who Does Not Read – Is No Better Off Than The Person – Who Can Not Read

~ IYGLTYB-YAAWAY ~ If You Give Less Than Your Best – You Are Actually Working Against Yourself

~ HIAIJ ~ Happiness Is An Inside Job

~ WATYWLF-BLATYWDT ~ Work As Though You Will Live Forever – But Live As Though You Will Die Tomorrow

~ GAPE ~ Gratitude And Positive Expectancy

~ PWGAGTTT ~ People With Great Attitudes Gravitate To The Top

~ WBWWTA ~ We Become What We Think About

~ SITPROAWD ~ Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Dream

~ OGAAT ~ One Goal At A Time

~ AYBTTE ~ Adjust Your Belief To The Evidence

~ TIASAU ~ Truth Is Always Simple And Uncomplicated

~ YACANC ~ Your Are Creating And Not Competing

~ MITHOOP ~ Money Is The Harvest Of Our Production

~ MIRFMHTP ~ Money Is Responsible For More Happiness Then Poverty

~ AGIMETST ~ Achieving Goals Is Much Easier Then Setting Them

~ MIAT ~ Money Is A Tool

~ POTC-OOOTC ~ Part Of The Cargo – Or One Of The Crew

~ AITMW ~ Attitude Is The Magic Word

~ LIIOTIP ~ Life Is Interesting Only To Interesting People

~ TEATMIPITW-WTA-ALTT ~ Treat Everyone As The Most Important Person In The World – Which They Are — At Least To Themselves

~ TSSITWBWWTA ~ The Strangest Secret Is That We Become What We Think About

~ RITKFOS ~ Reasonableness Is The Key Feature Of Success

~ HITBWOGR ~ Honesty Is The Best Way Of Getting Rich

~ WNRMTWTE-SOLTWBAA ~ We Never Receive More Than We Truly Earn – Sooner Or Later There Will Be An Accounting

~ LFTBWIEWC ~ Look For The Better Way In Everything We Do

~ LRTF-BIYMFTFTLANTF ~ Lead Rather Than Follow – But If You Must Follow Then Follow The Leader And Not The Followers

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