~ AYSWTROYB? ~ Are You Satisfied With The Results Of Your Beliefs?

~ UIEIM ~ Unity Is Expressed In Multiplicity

~ EMTIC ~ Every Moment There Is Choice

~ UWRTOOWHTPOLWWNSC ~ Until We Realize That Our Own Word Has The Power Of Life We Will Not See Clearly

~ TAMBWOT ~ The Awakening Must Be Within Our Thought

~ TTINATPIWWA ~ The Time Is Now And The Place Is Where We Are

~ NLYVOLBAPE ~ Never Limit Your View Of Life By Any Past Experience

~ TPOLIIWTCTIWLI ~ The Possibility Of Life Is Inherent Within The Capacity To Imagine What Life Is

~ WATUWWFB ~ We Attract To Us What We First Become

~ IIFETTTT-TTPI ~ It Is Far Easier To Teach The Truth – Then To Practice It

~ WMLTPANC ~ We Must Learn To Praise And Not Condemn

~ UWBTII-WABTIIN ~ Until We Believe That It Is – We Are Believing That It Is Not

~ DNHPWTWNH ~ Do Not Help People When They Wish No Help

~ LAL ~ Like Attracts Like

~ MGM ~ More Gathers More

~ LIABBUWWCOUWTMWGU ~ Life Is A Black Board Upon Which We Consciously Or Unconsciously Write Those Messages Which Govern Us

~ ICBYRAYCBM ~ I Cannot Buy Your Revelation And You Cannot Buy Mine

~ LIABOAC-ATTUWMOT ~ Life Is A Blessing Or Curse – According To The Use We Make Of It

~ CTITSPOENC ~ Conscious Thought Is The Starting Point Of Every New Creation

~ TIOASLWCS ~ The Idea Of A Successful Life Will Create Success

~ TDINITTI-BTWWLAI ~ The Difference Is Not In The Thing Itself – But In The Way We Look At It

~ NTCNC ~ New Thoughts Create New Conditions

~ JNATA ~ Judge Not According To Appearances

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