~ NEOWD-MBR-AABPBE ~ Novelty Emerges Only With Difficulty – Manifested By Resistance – Against A Background Provided By Expectation ~ The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions ~ Thomas Kuhn

~ LYTBLI ~ Let Your Teacher Be Love Itself ~ Rumi

~ TIAAWKSTEHP-NP&W ~ There Is Always A Well-Known Solution To Every Human Problem – Neat, Plausible, And Wrong ~ Henry Mencken

~ EWTEAA-TMWBM ~ Even When The Experts All Agree – They May Well Be Mistaken ~ Bertrand Russell

~ RITW-WYSBII-DGA ~ Reality Is That Which – When You Stop Believing In It – Doesn’t Go Away ~ Philip Dick

~ NF ~ Naked Fraud

~ TGF ~ Teeth-Grindingly-Familiar

~ WYLS-YLTATA-ANAYLTTB ~ When You Love Someone – You Love The Person As They Are – And Not As You’d Like Them To Be ~ Leo Tolstoy

~ TLI ~ Three Letter Initialisms

~ WEYG? ~ What Else Ya Got?

~ TANSTAAFL ~ There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch ~ Robert Heinlein

~ WCS? ~ What Cat Smell?

~ SITRONOBITRPATRT-BAOKTYAT ~ Success Is The Result Of Not Only Being In The Right Place At The Right Time – But Also Of Knowing That You Are There ~ Roger Dawson ~ Confident Decision Making

~ TE-ACFLATWTWIO-TVAWTRP ~ The Extremists – After Clamoring For Liberty And Toleration While They Were In Opposition – Turn Very Authoritarian When They Reach Power ~ Crane Brinton ~ The Anatomy Of Revolution

~ IIBTKSOTRQ-TTTYKATRA ~ It Is Better To Know Some Of The Right Questions – Than To Think You Know All The Right Answers ~ Roger Dawson ~ Confident Decision Making

~ NP&W ~ Neat, Plausible, And Wrong ~ Henry Mencken

~ EDNBL-LIWBE ~ Enlightenment Does Not Bring Love – Love Is What Brings Enlightenment ~ Buddha

~ AWCDSL-TWCDSM ~ Alone We Can Do So Little – Together We Can Do So Much ~ Helen Keller

~ YHTBTUM-YNTCTYCBTACTAIPL ~ You Have To Believe That Uniqueness Matters – You Need The Conviction That You Can Build Things And Change Things And Improve People’s Lives~ Peter Thiel ~ The Creator’s Code ~ Amy Wilkinson

~ TLBWNILFIR ~ True Love Begins When Nothing Is Looked For In Return ~ Antoine De Saint-Exupery

~ AYSYTPYBI? ~ Are You Spending Your Time Pursuing Your Best Idea? ~ Amy Wilkinson ~ The Creator’s Code

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