~ BIYA ~ Believe In Yourself Again

~ YWGWYA ~ You Will Get What You Accept

~ YHTBY ~ You Have To Be You

~ DSFY ~ Demand Success For Yourself

~ LTDA ~ Learn To Dream Again

~ PDAE ~ Practice Dreaming Again Everyday

~ YCC ~ You Can Change

~ SGNSP ~ Specific Goals Need Specific Plans

~ YMHASG ~ You Must Have A Specific Goal

~ GMBWD ~ Goals Must Be Written Down

~ YMHASTSIWTRYG ~ You Must Have A Specific Time Set In Which To Reach Your Goals

~ TAYGE ~ Think About Your Goal Everyday

~ DTPYAWTP ~ Decide The Price You Are Willing To Pay

~ GSITKTFYDIWF ~ Goal Setting Is The Key To Focusing Your Desires Into Workable Form

~ DGSWIHCF ~ Desire Gains Strength When It Has Concrete Form

~ DB-BKIS ~ Dream Big – But Keep It Simple

~ TPW ~ Treat People Well

~ NGU ~ Never Give Up

~ YCEYD ~ You Can Expand Your Dreams

~ HAIAP ~ Honesty And Integrity Are Priorities

~ MA-DS!~ Manage Activity – Do Something!

~ HAPP ~ Hang Around Positive People

~ FYTAEOIGA ~ Focus Your Time And Energy On Income Generating Activities

~ CLS ~ Create Little Successes

~ BDLGIMS ~ Break Down Large Goals Into Manageable Steps

~ WIA-‘ATT’-A ~ Winning Is An – “All The Time” – Attitude

~ MATC ~ Make A Total Commitment

~ NGITSTP ~ Nothing Good Is Too Small To Praise

~ NSP ~ Never Stop Praising

~ GCTYW ~ Get Close To Your Workers

~ SE ~ Show Emotion

~ ITT-SANMLPACTI ~ In Tough Times – Start A New Month-Long Plan And Commit To It

~ BPAGYETTC ~ Be Patient And Give Your Efforts Time To Compound

~ SME ~ Stop Making Excuses

~ DNLFRNTDI ~ Do Not Look For Reasons Not To Do It

~ MAUA ~ Make An Unconditional Commitment

~ JBYLWYADDNMEEIGTLIT ~ Just Because You Love What You Are Doing Does Not Mean Everyone Else Is Going To Love It Too

~ TPITMIYFA ~ The Person In The Mirror Is Your Final Accountant

~ YANPYFD-YAPYFL ~ You Are Not Protecting Yourself From Disappointment – You Are Protecting Yourself From Life

~ WOPICMETCIM ~ Withdrawal Of Praise Is Considerably More Effective Than Criticism In Motivating

~ HFWP ~ Have Fun With Praise

~ BCWYR ~ Be Creative With Your Recognition

~ TAOEOTESA ~ Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity To Express Sincere Appreciation

~ TANABATSOAGATS ~ Things Are Never As Bad As The Seem Or As Good As They Seem

~ DMT’AE’ ~ Do More Than “Almost Enough”

~ DBE ~ Desire Becomes Endurance


~ NOCHMYK-UTKHMYC ~ No One Cares How Much You Know – Until They Know How Much You Care

~ YGAISIYU ~ Your Greatest Asset In Selling Is Your Uniqueness

~ ATRQ ~ Ask The Right Questions

~ LTCT ~ Let The Customer Talk

~ BY ~ Be Yourself

~ DT-‘W’-P-N-‘T’-O-‘F’-T ~ Do Things – “With” – People – Not – “To” – Or – “For” – Them

~ ER ~ Establish Rapport

~ TMYLPTAT-TMTWLY ~ The More You Let People Talk About Themselves – The More They Will Like You

~ GACUOWTCN ~ Get A Clear Understanding Of What The Customer Needs

~ ACMGNF ~ A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

~ IFIIMITOFI ~ In-Flowing Information Is More Important Than Out-Flowing Information

~ WWPTMYFG ~ Work With The People That Make You Feel Good

~ TATTITC ~ Talk About Things That Interest The Customer

~ DNA ~ Do Not Argue

~ PIOIWSINWE ~ Price Is Only Important When Something Is Not Wanted Enough

~ OCBDWBIUMNS ~ Objections Can Be Dealt With But Indifference Usually Means No Sale

~ WDTORM? ~ What Does The Objection Really Mean?

~ IASINCOOAO-DNBOTO ~ If A Sale Is Not Conditional On Overcoming An Objection – Do Not Bother Overcoming The Objection

~ PIFN ~ Probe Indifference For Need

~ HWAQO ~ Harmonize With And Qualify Objections

~ CATMOA ~ Close At The Moment Of Acceptance

~ A ~ Ask!

~ YCAYBSP ~ Your Customers Are Your Best Sales People

~ IYCNWDYPOTBOYBC-TYDNCUI ~ If You Can Not Write Down Your Problem On The Back Of Your Business Card – Then You Do Not Completely Understand It


~ TINPWFNV ~ There Is No Proactive Word For Non-Violence

~ NTBMFAD-WEUT ~ Nations That Build Military Forces As Deterrents Will Eventually Use Them

~ PONVASAEOTS ~ Practitioners Of Non-Violence Are Seen As Enemies Of The State

~ OASTOAR-TRLINVT ~ Once A State Takes Over A Religion – The Religion Loses Its Non-Violent Teachings

~ ARCBDACBMHASAHID ~ A Rebel Can Be Defanged And Co-Opted By Making Him A Saint After He Is Dead

~ SBEW-TAAAFFL ~ Somewhere Behind Every War – There Are Always A Few Founding Lies

~ APMPHAHAWWITW ~ A Propaganda Machine Promoting Hatred Always Has A War Waiting In The Wings

~ PWGTW-STRTE ~ People Who Go To War – Start To Resemble Their Enemy

~ ACBAVAANVFIAMA ~ A Conflict Between A Violent And A Non-Violent Force Is A Moral Argument

~ ITVSCPTNVSIV-TVSHW ~ If The Violent Side Can Provoke The Non-Violent Side Into Violence – The Violent Side Has Won

~ TPLNITNOM-BITNOP ~ The Problem Lies Not In The Nature Of Man – But In The Nature Of Power

~ TLAWL-TLPIB ~ The Longer A War Lasts – The Less Popular It Becomes

~ TSIIIIWAMBICCOPWF ~ The State Imagines It Is Impotent Without A Military Because It Cannot Conceive Of Power Without Force

~ IIONTLBTBOAMAGTP ~ It Is Often Not The Largest But The Best Organized And Most Articulate Group That Prevails

~ ADMEWA’ES’-OTFSAF ~ All Debate Momentarily Ends With An – “Enforced Silence” – Once The First Shots Are Fired

~ ASWINNTOAEPBIUTCTRI ~ A Shooting War Is Not Necessary To Overthrow An Established Power But Is Used To Consolidate The Revolution Itself

~ VDNR-IALTMV ~ Violence Does Not Resolve – It Always Leads To More Violence

~ WPPA(AGOVIALPTFPA) ~ Warfare Produces Peace Activists (A Group Of Veterans Is A Likely Place To Find Peace Activists)

~ PMBFDNAW ~ People Motivated By Fear Do Not Act Well

~ WIIPFTCAPFWBRTRUIASAOTO-IIAITCTTMDVWNVR ~ While It Is Perfectly Feasible To Convince A People Faced With Brutal Repression To Rise Up In A Suicidal Attack On Their Oppressor – It Is Almost Impossible To Convince Them To Meet Deadly Violence With Non-Violent Resistance

~ WDNHTBSTTGP-ITCBCOBAAVPM ~ Wars Do Not Have To Be Sold To The General Public – If They Can Be Carried Out By An All-Volunteer Professional Military

~ OYSTBOK-YJG’D&D’-WL ~ Once You Start The Business Of Killing – You Just Get “Deeper And Deeper” – Without Limits

~ VACWASRE-WIODAIITVF ~ Violence Always Comes With A Supposedly Rational Explanation – Which Is Only Dismissed As Irrational If The Violence Fails

~ VIAVTIATO ~ Violence Is A Virus That Infects And Takes Over

~ TMITDAOSPOW-MSFWTBAWDFTOMV ~ The Miracle Is That Despite All Of Society’s Promotion Of Warfare – Most Soldiers Find Warfare To Be A Wrenching Departure From Their Own Moral Values

~ THWOBAMTEWHABD ~ The Hard Work Of Beginning A Movement To End War Has Already Been Done


~ AIW ~ All Is Within

~ BITGT ~ Belief Is The Golden Thread

~ TAAMBCIFOAO ~ Thoughts And Actions Must Be Coordinated In Focusing On An Objective

~ GMBSAC ~ Goals Must Be Specific And Constant

~ ASROEBAAAT ~ A Suggestion Repeated Often Enough Becomes Accepted As A Truth

~ KYOTY ~ Keep Your Objectives To Yourself


~ SITRONOBITRPATRT-BAOKTYAT ~ Success Is The Result Of Not Only Being In The Right Place At The Right Time – But Also Of Knowing That You Are There

~ DMIEWYVAC ~ Decision Making Is Easy When Your Values Are Clear

~ LTTIOO ~ Learn To Think Independently Of Others

~ KWYWNDMKWYWDE ~ Knowing What You Will Not Do Makes Knowing What You Will Do Easier

~ ‘B’-YTAACBYDOTBCOAFUI ~ “Blueprint” – Your Task Accurately And Completely Before You Decide On The Best Course Of Action For Undertaking It

~ IIBTKSOTRQ-TTTYKATRA ~ It Is Better To Know Some Of The Right Questions – Than To Think You Know All The Right Answers


~ YICOGTTEYD ~ Your Income Can Only Grow To The Extent You Do

~ TLTF-FLTA-ALTR ~ Thoughts Lead To Feelings – Feelings Lead To Actions – Actions Lead To Results

~ WTSMMCBDREAL-EWAAW ~ When The Subconscious Mind Must Choose Between Deeply Rooted Emotions And Logic – Emotions Will Almost Always Win

~ IYMFAMOSCFANSRSA-FAOTNTPY-YMWNBYH ~ If Your Motivation For Acquiring Money Or Success Comes From A Non-Supportive Root Such As – Fear, Anger, Or The Need To Prove Yourself – Your Money Will Never Bring You Happiness

~ CIOYTAASTYCLFTCITPM-RTBRBPFTP ~ Consciousness Is Observing Your Thoughts And Actions So That You Can Live From True Choice In The Present Moment – Rather Than Being Run By Programming From The Past

~ YCCTTIWTWSYIYHASIOWTD ~ You Can Choose To Think In Ways That Will Support You In Your Happiness And Success Instead Of Ways That Don’t

~ MIEIITAIWIW-AEUITAIWID ~ Money Is Extremely Important In The Areas In Which It Works – And Extremely Unimportant In The Areas In Which It Doesn’t

~ WYAC-YBALB’C’M ~ When You Are Complaining – You Become A Living, Breathing “Crap” Magnet

~ TNORMPDGWTWITTDKWTW ~ The Number One Reason Most People Don’t Get What They Want Is That They Don’t Know What They Want

~ IYANFTATCTCW-CAYW ~ If You Are Not Fully, Totally And Truly, Committed To Creating Wealth – Chances Are You Won’t

~ LEAHOALMMTF ~ Leaders Earn A Heck Of A Lot More Money Than Followers!

~ IYHABPIYL-ATMKTYABASP! ~ If You Have A Big Problem In Your Life – All That Means Is That You Are Being A Small Person!

~ MWOMYMOWYAA ~ Money Will Only Make You More Of What You Already Are

~ HYDAIHYDE ~ How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

~ WAT-EF-ARS ~ Where Attention Goes – Energy Flows – And Results Show

~ UYSYCHWYG-YWGAM! ~ Until You Show You Can Handle What You’ve Got – You Won’t Get Any More!

~ THOMYMIMITTA ~ The Habit Of Managing Your Money Is More Important Than The Amount

~ EYCM-OIWCY ~ Either You Control Money – Or It Will Control You

~ AITBBTIWATOW ~ Action Is The Bridge Between The Inner World And The Outer World

~ IINNTTTGROFIOTS ~ It Is Not Necessary To Try To Get Rid Of Fear In Order To Succeed

~ TOTYAAGIWYAU ~ The Only Time You Are Actually Growing Is When You Are Uncomfortable

~ TAMYOMITMISYCEO-ITOBHAS ~ Training And Managing Your Own Mind Is The Most Important Skill You Could Ever Own – In Terms Of Both Happiness And Success

~ EMWOAD ~ Every Master Was Once A Disaster

~ TGPTB-YMBTB ~ To Get Paid The Best – You Must Be The Best

~ TMYL-TMYE ~ The More You Learn – The More You Earn