~ TINPWFNV ~ There Is No Proactive Word For Non-Violence

~ NTBMFAD-WEUT ~ Nations That Build Military Forces As Deterrents Will Eventually Use Them

~ PONVASAEOTS ~ Practitioners Of Non-Violence Are Seen As Enemies Of The State

~ OASTOAR-TRLINVT ~ Once A State Takes Over A Religion – The Religion Loses Its Non-Violent Teachings

~ ARCBDACBMHASAHID ~ A Rebel Can Be Defanged And Co-Opted By Making Him A Saint After He Is Dead

~ SBEW-TAAAFFL ~ Somewhere Behind Every War – There Are Always A Few Founding Lies

~ APMPHAHAWWITW ~ A Propaganda Machine Promoting Hatred Always Has A War Waiting In The Wings

~ PWGTW-STRTE ~ People Who Go To War – Start To Resemble Their Enemy

~ ACBAVAANVFIAMA ~ A Conflict Between A Violent And A Non-Violent Force Is A Moral Argument

~ ITVSCPTNVSIV-TVSHW ~ If The Violent Side Can Provoke The Non-Violent Side Into Violence – The Violent Side Has Won

~ TPLNITNOM-BITNOP ~ The Problem Lies Not In The Nature Of Man – But In The Nature Of Power

~ TLAWL-TLPIB ~ The Longer A War Lasts – The Less Popular It Becomes

~ TSIIIIWAMBICCOPWF ~ The State Imagines It Is Impotent Without A Military Because It Cannot Conceive Of Power Without Force

~ IIONTLBTBOAMAGTP ~ It Is Often Not The Largest But The Best Organized And Most Articulate Group That Prevails

~ ADMEWA’ES’-OTFSAF ~ All Debate Momentarily Ends With An – “Enforced Silence” – Once The First Shots Are Fired

~ ASWINNTOAEPBIUTCTRI ~ A Shooting War Is Not Necessary To Overthrow An Established Power But Is Used To Consolidate The Revolution Itself

~ VDNR-IALTMV ~ Violence Does Not Resolve – It Always Leads To More Violence

~ WPPA(AGOVIALPTFPA) ~ Warfare Produces Peace Activists (A Group Of Veterans Is A Likely Place To Find Peace Activists)

~ PMBFDNAW ~ People Motivated By Fear Do Not Act Well

~ WIIPFTCAPFWBRTRUIASAOTO-IIAITCTTMDVWNVR ~ While It Is Perfectly Feasible To Convince A People Faced With Brutal Repression To Rise Up In A Suicidal Attack On Their Oppressor – It Is Almost Impossible To Convince Them To Meet Deadly Violence With Non-Violent Resistance

~ WDNHTBSTTGP-ITCBCOBAAVPM ~ Wars Do Not Have To Be Sold To The General Public – If They Can Be Carried Out By An All-Volunteer Professional Military

~ OYSTBOK-YJG’D&D’-WL ~ Once You Start The Business Of Killing – You Just Get “Deeper And Deeper” – Without Limits

~ VACWASRE-WIODAIITVF ~ Violence Always Comes With A Supposedly Rational Explanation – Which Is Only Dismissed As Irrational If The Violence Fails

~ VIAVTIATO ~ Violence Is A Virus That Infects And Takes Over

~ TMITDAOSPOW-MSFWTBAWDFTOMV ~ The Miracle Is That Despite All Of Society’s Promotion Of Warfare – Most Soldiers Find Warfare To Be A Wrenching Departure From Their Own Moral Values

~ THWOBAMTEWHABD ~ The Hard Work Of Beginning A Movement To End War Has Already Been Done

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