~ NOCHMYK-UTKHMYC ~ No One Cares How Much You Know – Until They Know How Much You Care

~ YGAISIYU ~ Your Greatest Asset In Selling Is Your Uniqueness

~ ATRQ ~ Ask The Right Questions

~ LTCT ~ Let The Customer Talk

~ BY ~ Be Yourself

~ DT’W’P-N’T’O’F’T ~ Do Things “With” People Not “To” Or “For” Them

~ ER ~ Establish Rapport

~ TMYLPTAT-TMTWLY ~ The More You Let People Talk About Themselves – The More They Will Like You

~ GACUOWTCN ~ Get A Clear Understanding Of What The Customer Needs

~ ACMGNF ~ A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

~ IFIIMITOFI ~ In-Flowing Information Is More Important Than Out-Flowing Information

~ WWPTMYFG ~ Work With The People That Make You Feel Good

~ TATTITC ~ Talk About Things That Interest The Customer

~ DNA ~ Do Not Argue

~ PIOIWSINWE ~ Price Is Only Important When Something Is Not Wanted Enough

~ OCBDWBIUMNS ~ Objections Can Be Dealt With But Indifference Usually Means No Sale

~ WDTORM? ~ What Does The Objection Really Mean?

~ IASINCOOAO-DNBOTO ~ If A Sale Is Not Conditional On Overcoming An Objection – Do Not Bother Overcoming The Objection

~ PIFN ~ Probe Indifference For Need

~ HWAQO ~ Harmonize With And Qualify Objections

~ CATMOA ~ Close At The Moment Of Acceptance

~ A ~ Ask!

~ YCAYBSP ~ Your Customers Are Your Best Sales People

~ IYCNWDYPOTBOYBC-TYDNCUI ~ If You Can Not Write Down Your Problem On The Back Of Your Business Card – Then You Do Not Completely Understand It

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