~ BIYA ~ Believe In Yourself Again

~ YWGWYA ~ You Will Get What You Accept

~ YHTBY ~ You Have To Be You

~ DSFY ~ Demand Success For Yourself

~ LTDA ~ Learn To Dream Again

~ PDAE ~ Practice Dreaming Again Everyday

~ YCC ~ You Can Change

~ SGNSP ~ Specific Goals Need Specific Plans

~ YMHASG ~ You Must Have A Specific Goal

~ GMBWD ~ Goals Must Be Written Down

~ YMHASTSIWTRYG ~ You Must Have A Specific Time Set In Which To Reach Your Goals

~ TAYGE ~ Think About Your Goal Everyday

~ DTPYAWTP ~ Decide The Price You Are Willing To Pay

~ GSITKTFYDIWF ~ Goal Setting Is The Key To Focusing Your Desires Into Workable Form

~ DGSWIHCF ~ Desire Gains Strength When It Has Concrete Form

~ DB-BKIS ~ Dream Big – But Keep It Simple

~ TPW ~ Treat People Well

~ NGU ~ Never Give Up

~ YCEYD ~ You Can Expand Your Dreams

~ HAIAP ~ Honesty And Integrity Are Priorities

~ MA-DS!~ Manage Activity – Do Something!

~ HAPP ~ Hang Around Positive People

~ FYTAEOIGA ~ Focus Your Time And Energy On Income Generating Activities

~ CLS ~ Create Little Successes

~ BDLGIMS ~ Break Down Large Goals Into Manageable Steps

~ WIA’ATT’A ~ Winning Is An “All The Time” Attitude

~ MATC ~ Make A Total Commitment

~ NGITSTP ~ Nothing Good Is Too Small To Praise

~ NSP ~ Never Stop Praising

~ GCTYW ~ Get Close To Your Workers

~ SE ~ Show Emotion

~ ITT-SANMLPACTI ~ In Tough Times – Start A New Month-Long Plan And Commit To It

~ BPAGYETTC ~ Be Patient And Give Your Efforts Time To Compound

~ SME ~ Stop Making Excuses

~ DNLFRNTDI ~ Do Not Look For Reasons Not To Do It

~ MAUA ~ Make An Unconditional Commitment

~ JBYLWYADDNMEEIGTLIT ~ Just Because You Love What You Are Doing Does Not Mean Everyone Else Is Going To Love It Too

~ TPITMIYFA ~ The Person In The Mirror Is Your Final Accountant

~ YANPYFD-YAPYFL ~ You Are Not Protecting Yourself From Disappointment – You Are Protecting Yourself From Life

~ WOPICMETCIM ~ Withdrawal Of Praise Is Considerably More Effective Than Criticism In Motivating

~ HFWP ~ Have Fun With Praise

~ BCWYR ~ Be Creative With Your Recognition

~ TAOEOTESA ~ Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity To Express Sincere Appreciation

~ TANABATSOAGATS ~ Things Are Never As Bad As The Seem Or As Good As They Seem

~ DMT’AE’ ~ Do More Than “Almost Enough”

~ DBE ~ Desire Becomes Endurance

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