~ IID-SOL-IGTBF ~ If It’s Digital – Sooner Or Later – It’s Going To Be Free

~ BWTBF-AWLTBF-T-BTNSP ~ Bits Want To Be Free – Atoms Would Like To Be Free – Too – But They’re Not So Pushy About It

~ FISPATMWAFWTIIBRTBTMSTFWSO ~ Free Is So Psychologically Attractive That Marketers Will Always Find Ways To Invoke It By Redefining Their Business To Make Some Things Free While Selling Others

~ YCSF-TFBFTP-ASU ~ You Can’t Stop Free – Take Free Back From The Pirates – And Sell Upgrades

~ YCMMFF-FOD-RNC-CSOT ~ You Can Make Money From Free – Free Opens Doors – Reaching New Customers – Charge Some Of Them

~ RYM-TADOWTMM ~ Redefine Your Market – There Are Dozens Of Ways To Make Money

~ RD-TFTFGA-ATAAWTTTIM ~ Round Down – The First To Free Gets Attention – And There Are Always Ways To Turn That Into Money

~ SOLYWCWF-MTPASSE-OETTDIQOTDIP ~ Sooner Or Later You Will Compete With Free – Match That Price And Sell Something Else – Or Ensure That The Differences In Quality Overcome The Differences In Price

~ EW-ISIBTCTM-SMI ~ Embrace Waste – If Something Is Becoming Too Cheap To Meter – Stop Metering It

~ FMOTMV-WOPOSBF-VMTTNHL-GT ~ Free Makes Other Things More Valuable – When One Product Or Service Becomes Free – Value Migrates To The Next Higher Layer – Go There

~ MFANS-SF-‘DSU’-T-‘FF’ ~ Manage For Abundance Not Scarcity – Shift From – “Don’t Screw Up” – To – “Fail Fast”


~ PAMLOMCN ~ People Are Making Lots Of Money Charging Nothing

~ ATWACS ~ All The World’s A Cross-Subsidy

~ MTHAUAAD-BWSIF!-WFTD ~ Most Transactions Have An Upside And A Downside – But When Something Is Free! – We Forget The Downside

~ PODCAMATTDPF ~ People Often Don’t Care As Much About Things They Don’t Pay For

~ F-CE-GHTCWFAG ~ Free – Can Encourage – Gluttony – Hoarding – Thoughtless Consumption – Waste – Guilt – And – Greed

~ WTSBIT-NNBWWI ~ We Take Stuff Because It’s There – Not Necessarily Because We Want It

~ CAP-EAVLP-CEMMRB ~ Charging A Price – Even A Very Low Price – Can Encourage Much More Responsible Behavior

~ SOL-MPITDRWFTCWF ~ Sooner Or Later – Most Producers In The Digital Realm Will Find Themselves Competing With Free

~ OOTOST:GPTWC ~ One Of The Oldest Social Traditions: Giving People Things Without Charge

~ TBWTEAITRC ~ The Best Way To Exploit Abundance Is To Relinquish Control

~ IYWIADPT-YCPSUNE ~ If You Walk Into A Disgusting Public Toilet – You Can Probably Smell Uncompensated Negative Externalities

~ WTAAS(L)-BWPTAITWA(EU)-BTCH ~ When Things Are Actually Scarce (Limited) – But We Price Them As If They Were Abundant (Essentially Unlimited) – Bad Things Can Happen

~ TWTCWFITMPTATFTAS ~ The Way To Compete With Free Is To Move Past The Abundance To Find The Adjacent Scarcity

~ GAWYDWNMYRBI-YHTTCAHTCTRAAYCGFFIC ~ Giving Away What You Do Will Not Make You Rich By Itself – You Have To Think Creatively About How To Convert The Reputation And Attention You Can Get From Free Into Cash


~ GBGT ~ Getting Beyond GroupThink

~ HMHABTO? ~ How Many Heads Are Better Than One?

~ GT ~ GroupThink

~ HT ~ Happy Talk

~ DURV ~ Deliberation Usually Reduces Variance

~ GDROTFPR-NOSI ~ Good Decisions Rely On The Full Performance Record – Not On Snapshot Impressions

~ EB ~ Egocentric Bias

~ HBAPTUO ~ Human Beings Are Prone To Unrealistic Optimism

~ HBAPTO ~ Human Beings Are Prone To Overconfidence

~ ECATF-BTOWTALKBTTWTDNAK ~ Earn Credibility And Trust First – By Telling Others What They Already Know Before Telling Them What They Do Not Already Know

~ TTFOIATDHBM ~ The Time For Optimism Is After The Decision Has Been Made

~ P ~ Priming

~ GTPTC-ATDNAGA ~ Good Team Players Think Critically – And They Do Not Always Get Along

~ IPARWTGIR-TAFMLTRWTAK ~ If People Are Rewarded When Their Group Is Right – They Are Far More Likely To Reveal What They Actually Know

~ IGMFOTOPPRTTOTG-TGIMLTE ~ If Group Members Focus On Their Own Personal Prospect Rather Than Those Of The Group – The Group Is More Likely To Err

~ MEDFTGDVCEGP-BTIADBADAAFRODA-ASRIA ~ Many Experiments Do Find That Genuine Dissenting Views Can Enhance Group Performance – But There Is A Difference Between Authentic Dissent And A Formal Requirement Of Devil’s Advocacy – Any Such Requirement Is Artificial

~ CT ~ Contrarian Teams

~ CJT ~ Condorcet Jury Theorem

~ TIAGRTTT-IBBAP-OBIAPP ~ There Is Good Reason To Think That – In Both Business And Politics – Optimistic Bias Is A Pervasive Problem

~ E-BATMWBOTF ~ Expertise – Being Able To Make Winning Bets On The Future

~ IMP-TAPACS-RTMAP-ITPEROTASTLE ~ In Most Professions – Telling A Pleasing And Convincing Story – Rather Than Making Accurate Predictions – Is The Primary Evidence Relied On To Assign Someone The Label Expert

~ TTS-TBR-KAWVCTU-CBMM-ATPFOE ~ Three Thinking Skills – Theory-Based Reasoning – Knowledge About Which Valid Cues To Use – Case-Based Memory-Matching – Are The Primary Forms Of Expertise

~ ARCTPTFW-BTMA-IVR ~ A Reliable Capacity To Predict The Future With – Better-Than-Modest Accuracy – Is Very Rare

~ SHSFOEDE ~ Some Highly Specific Forms Of Expertise Do Exist

~ REWACDBTSAOA ~ Real Experts Will Almost Certainly Do Better Than Statistical Averages Of Amateurs

~ CTEIATI ~ Chasing The Expert Is A Terrible Idea

~ EIAMBGTAISP ~ Evidence Is A Much Better Guide Than An Impressive Self-Presentation

~ IOMSTGOYOI ~ It Often Makes Sense To Go Outside Your Own Institution

~ IYATWW-YMBSAEBWYL ~ If You Ask The Whole World – You Might Be Surprised And Excited By What You Learn

~ WEHCPAABSAT ~ We Exaggerate How Consistent People Are Across Both Situations And Time

~ MOUAALLC-IHWBIDS-TWTWA ~ Most Of Us Are A Lot Less Consistent – In How We Behave In Different Situations – Than We Think We Are

~ FAE ~ Fundamental Attribution Error

~ RTMITET ~ Reading The Mind In The Eyes Test

~ WIMTBATP-NTAWTMCV-BTAVI ~ What It Means To Be A Team Player – Not To Agree With The Majority’s Current View – But To Add Valuable Information

~ LCACTDNP-AER-TEODV ~ Leaders Create A Culture That Does Not Punish – And Even Rewards – The Expression Of Dissident Views

~ WAFIS-GCGALW ~ With A Few Identifiable Steps – Groups Can Get A Lot Wiser