~ IID-SOL-IGTBF ~ If It’s Digital – Sooner Or Later – It’s Going To Be Free

~ BWTBF-AWLTBF-T-BTNSP ~ Bits Want To Be Free – Atoms Would Like To Be Free – Too – But They’re Not So Pushy About It

~ FISPATMWAFWTIIBRTBTMSTFWSO ~ Free Is So Psychologically Attractive That Marketers Will Always Find Ways To Invoke It By Redefining Their Business To Make Some Things Free While Selling Others

~ YCSF-TFBFTP-ASU ~ You Can’t Stop Free – Take Free Back From The Pirates – And Sell Upgrades

~ YCMMFF-FOD-RNC-CSOT ~ You Can Make Money From Free – Free Opens Doors – Reaching New Customers – Charge Some Of Them

~ RYM-TADOWTMM ~ Redefine Your Market – There Are Dozens Of Ways To Make Money

~ RD-TFTFGA-ATAAWTTTIM ~ Round Down – The First To Free Gets Attention – And There Are Always Ways To Turn That Into Money

~ SOLYWCWF-MTPASSE-OETTDIQOTDIP ~ Sooner Or Later You Will Compete With Free – Match That Price And Sell Something Else – Or Ensure That The Differences In Quality Overcome The Differences In Price

~ EW-ISIBTCTM-SMI ~ Embrace Waste – If Something Is Becoming Too Cheap To Meter – Stop Metering It

~ FMOTMV-WOPOSBF-VMTTNHL-GT ~ Free Makes Other Things More Valuable – When One Product Or Service Becomes Free – Value Migrates To The Next Higher Layer – Go There

~ MFANS-SF-‘DSU’-T-‘FF’ ~ Manage For Abundance Not Scarcity – Shift From – “Don’t Screw Up” – To – “Fail Fast”

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