~ PAMLOMCN ~ People Are Making Lots Of Money Charging Nothing

~ ATWACS ~ All The World’s A Cross-Subsidy

~ MTHAUAAD-BWSIF!-WFTD ~ Most Transactions Have An Upside And A Downside – But When Something Is Free! – We Forget The Downside

~ PODCAMATTDPF ~ People Often Don’t Care As Much About Things They Don’t Pay For

~ F-CE-GHTCWFAG ~ Free – Can Encourage – Gluttony – Hoarding – Thoughtless Consumption – Waste – Guilt – And – Greed

~ WTSBIT-NNBWWI ~ We Take Stuff Because It’s There – Not Necessarily Because We Want It

~ CAP-EAVLP-CEMMRB ~ Charging A Price – Even A Very Low Price – Can Encourage Much More Responsible Behavior

~ SOL-MPITDRWFTCWF ~ Sooner Or Later – Most Producers In The Digital Realm Will Find Themselves Competing With Free

~ OOTOST:GPTWC ~ One Of The Oldest Social Traditions: Giving People Things Without Charge

~ TBWTEAITRC ~ The Best Way To Exploit Abundance Is To Relinquish Control

~ IYWIADPT-YCPSUNE ~ If You Walk Into A Disgusting Public Toilet – You Can Probably Smell Uncompensated Negative Externalities

~ WTAAS(L)-BWPTAITWA(EU)-BTCH ~ When Things Are Actually Scarce (Limited) – But We Price Them As If They Were Abundant (Essentially Unlimited) – Bad Things Can Happen

~ TWTCWFITMPTATFTAS ~ The Way To Compete With Free Is To Move Past The Abundance To Find The Adjacent Scarcity

~ GAWYDWNMYRBI-YHTTCAHTCTRAAYCGFFIC ~ Giving Away What You Do Will Not Make You Rich By Itself – You Have To Think Creatively About How To Convert The Reputation And Attention You Can Get From Free Into Cash

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