~ GSS ~ Golden Selfie Stick

~ MYAH ~ Make Yourself At Home

~ DTP ~ Dress The Part

~ PTR ~ Progress Through Revolutions ~ Thomas Kuhn ~ The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions

~ OT ~ Orchestra Tobacco

~ AFS ~ Argument From Silence

~ TMETILAF ~ The Most Expensive Things In Life Are Free ~ Marc Goodman ~ Future Crimes

~ The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It ~ Alan Kay

~ The Day Before Something Becomes A Breakthrough – It’s A Crazy Idea ~ Peter Diamandis

~ Society Is In A Race Between Education And Catastrophe ~ Herbert Wells

~ TAOTTOC-TTHBHATTWB ~ There Are Only Two Types Of Companies – Those That Have Been Hacked And Those That Will Be ~ Robert Mueller

~ ETYGASU-WIGUHBB-LTV-F-WKHL-SD-SY ~ Every Time You Get A Security Update – Whatever Is Getting Updated Has Been Broken – Lying There Vulnerable – For – Who-Knows-How-Long – Sometimes Days – Sometimes Years ~ Quinn Norton

~ FM-IIFBTGTUAIRI-TTPID-HSAR~ For Me – It Is Far Better To Grasp The Universe As It Really Is – Than To Persist In Delusion – However Satisfying And Reassuring ~ Carl Sagan

~ R-MP-WTTFA-TWSC-OWIWTLDPRTAACAETORP ~ Right – My Phone – When Theses Things First Appeared – They Were So Cool – Only When It Was Too Late Did People Realize They Are As Cool As Electronic Tags On Remand Prisoners ~ David Mitchell ~ Ghostwritten

~ IDAL? ~ Is Democracy A Luxury? ~ Bruce Bueno De Mesquita + Alastair Smith ~ The Dictator’s Handbook

~ WPPWVFTICANSTPAERABHA ~ When Politicians Pick Who Votes For Them It Comes As No Surprise That Politicians Are Easily Reelected And Barely Held Accountable ~ Bruce Bueno De Mesquita + Alastair Smith ~ The Dictator’s Handbook

~ WYTSIMIAR-IIPY ~ When You Think Something Is Missing In A Relationship – It Is Probably You ~ Robert Holden ~ Loveability

~ IYDOSHLONMOLII-GAD ~ If Your Definition Of Success Has Little Or No Measure Of Love In It – Get Another Definition ~ Robert Holden ~ Loveability

~ LITHOS-ATRWOYLITEYL ~ Love Is The Heart Of Success – And The Real Work Of Your Life Is To Express Your Love ~ Robert Holden ~ Loveability

~ ITSTSTLCSTW-BWHTIY ~ It’s Too Soon To Say That Love Can’t Save The World – Because We Haven’t Tried It Yet ~ Robert Holden ~ Loveability

~ EGAEOTROASCEEIOPAESSMTIFTROCUTWOIOCAE ~ Every Government And Every Organization That Relies On A Small Coalition Eventually Erodes Its Own Productivity And Entrepreneurial Spirit So Much That It Faces The Risk Of Collapsing Under The Weight Of Its Own Corruption And Inefficiency ~ Bruce Bueno De Mesquita + Alastair Smith ~ The Dictator’s Handbook

~ TTWSYF-BFIWPYO ~ The Truth Will Set You Free – But First It Will Piss You Off ~ Gloria Steinem

~ IWCTDOTWWOP-OSMPTBOE ~ If We Continue To Develop Our Technology Without Wisdom Or Prudence – Our Servant May Prove To Be Our Executioner ~ Omar Bradley

~ TFIAH-IJNEDY ~ The Future Is Already Here – It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed Yet – William Gibson

~ OTPI-B-TSEAPHAE ~ Our Technological Powers Increase – But – The Side Effects And Potential Hazards Also Escalate ~ Alvin Toffler

~ WDYTYA?-&-WDYTYA? ~ What Do You Think You Are? – & – Who Do You Think You Are Doing?

~ YMBJK ~ You Must Be Joe King!

~ RIAGAAONITMOI ~ Regulation Is As Good As Any Other Necessity In The Mothering Of Innovation ~ A

~ IAWTDDFFT-MAMPATVIPOTR-AATVAAM ~ In A World That Daily Disconnects Further From Truth – More And More People Accept The Virtual In Place Of The Real – And All Things Virtual Are Also Malleable ~ Dean Koontzy – The Good Guy

~ AWDUD ~ All Warfare Depends Upon Deception ~ Sun Tzu ~ The Art Of War

~ AKIIIITATCAABR ~ A Key Ingredient In Innovation Is The Ability To Challenge Authority And Break Rules ~ Vivek Wadhwa

~ YCAAPYGIPBTMOSABSAASI ~ You Can’t Assume Any Place You Go Is Private Because The Means Of Surveillance Are Becoming So Affordable And So Invisible ~ Howard Rheingold

~ MPWRHMSROTLTITCBS ~ Most People Would Rather Have Malicious Software Running On Their Laptop Then Inside Their Car’s Breaking System ~ Christof Paar

~ DAS-YCRWAD ~ Drones Are Scary – You Can’t Reason With A Drone ~ Matt Gorening

~ WHATSTANOUSAT-TIAPFD-BSOL-TFMOIAPIGTBUIOF ~ We Have Arranged Things So That Almost No One Understands Science And Technology – This Is A Prescription For Disaster – We Might Get Away With It For A While – But Sooner Or Later – This Combustible Mixture Of Ignorance And Power Is Going To Blow Up In Our Faces ~ Carl Sagan

~ TAAMCIASCCOBTATASITMWG ~ There Are As Many Connections In A Single Cubic Centimeter Of Brain Tissue As There Are Stars In The Milky Way Galaxy ~ David Eagleman

~ ACANTITGOTWEP ~ A Crude And Naïve Trust In The Goodness Of Those Wielding Economic Power ~ Jorge Bergoglio

~ FI ~ Facilitating Investment

~ MID ~ Phil Anderson ~ More Is Different

~ TBSHBGBIP’D’AAF-ATFAHSUTRA ~ The Banking System Has Become Gridlocked Because Its Pretended “Derivative” Assets Are Fake – And The Fake Assets Have Swallowed Up The Real Assets ~ Mary Ellen Brown ~ Web Of Debt

~ HOW-A-DOW ~ Hewers Of Wood – And – Drawers Of Water ~ Harold Innis ~ The Fur Trade In Canada

~ Y2Y ~ Yukon To Yellowstone Wildlife Corridor

~ PPBSSFT ~ Proud People Breed Sad Sorrows For Themselves ~ Emily Bronte

~ TIOOCOTUYCBCOI-ATYOS ~ There Is Only One Corner Of The Universe You Can Be Certain Of Improving – And That’s Your Own Self ~ Aldous Huxley

~ HWFAO-TJWGFL-UDDOHTMFAIEE ~ How We Feel About Ourselves – The Joy We Get From Living – Ultimately Depends Directly On How The Mind Filters And Interprets Everyday Experiences ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

~ TMSTIL-ITHBATGALPOOSTO ~ The Most Satisfying Thing In Life – Is To Have Been Able To Give A Large Part Of One’s Self To Others ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

~ TOSITMI ~ To Oppose Something Is To Maintain It ~ Ursula Le Guin ~ The Left Hand Of Darkness

~ TBTCIAI-ARTI ~ To Be Too Conscious Is An Illness – A Real Thoroughgoing Illness ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

~ AAISWPTTPDNTH ~ An Artist Is Somebody Who Produces Things That People Don’t Need To Have ~ Andy Warhol

~ IICTYWIM-TWBNPIDI ~ If I Could Tell You What It Meant – There Would Be No Point In Dancing It ~ Isadora Duncan

~ AITPTOL ~ Art Is The Proper Task Of Life ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

~ TRCOARAIIIHPI ~ The Real Compensation Of A Right Action Is Inherent In Having Performed It ~ Seneca

~ FM ~ Fugitive Methane

~ PYAAE-AKBYE ~ Position Yourself As An Expert – And Keep Building Your Expertise ~ Ted Demopoulos ~ What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging And Podcasting

~ DNS-HNS-SNS ~ Do No Science – Hear No Science – Speak No Science ~ Chris Turner ~ The War On Science

~ TDE-ITLIAFW ~ To Deny Evidence – Is To Live In A Fantasy World ~ Arne Mooers

~ TMB ~ Throw Money Better ~ Hazel Rose Markus + Alana Conner ~ Clash!

~ TWOTCAONI-WIIITI-IWD ~ The Willingness Of The Chief Advocates Of Non-Interference – When It Is In Their Interest – Is Well Documented ~ Kate McInturff ~ Monitor

~ HDNMTLOYTOOP-NDIMHALOOYOG-IMFFTAYAA ~ Humility Does Not Mean Thinking Less Of Yourself Than Of Other People – Nor Does It Mean Having A Low Opinion Of Your Own Gifts – It Means Freedom From Thinking About Yourself At All ~ William Temple

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