~ AIITVOW ~ An Inquiry Into The Value Of Work

~ TPSOMW ~ The Psychic Satisfactions Of Manual Work

~ EROCV-ANTMIOAT ~ Economics Recognizes Only Certain Virtues – And Not The Most Impressive Ones At That

~ S-SRAFAEBSN-NCSO ~ Somehow – Self-Realization And Freedom Always Entail Buying Something New – Never Conserving Something Old

~ TEOF ~ The Errors Of Freedomism

~ ITRW-PDNPTU ~ In The Real World – Problems Do Not Present Themselves Unambiguously

~ IAAI ~ Idiocy As An Ideal

~ ASRA ~ A Script-Reading Automaton

~ TTOSWUTPASCOPAAO ~ The Trappings Of Scholarship Were Used To Put A Scientific Cover On Positions Arrived At Otherwise

~ CUWTBAMCB ~ Coming Up With The Best Arguments Money Could Buy

~ TWWBAFM-ATTIWSTFLTMOTS ~ This Wasn’t Work Befitting A Free Man – And The Tie I Wore Started To Feel Like The Mark Of The Slave

~ LR ~ Learned Irresponsibility

~ OOTFCOIANECWTEWMCTOE-TFFTCOP ~ One Of The Features Commonly Observed In Ancient Near Eastern Courts Was That Eunuchs Were Most Capricious Toward Other Eunuchs – Those Further From The Center Of Power

~ TWBTACOOS-PWMBDTAAOU-DSTHMSOTOF-BUWF-TKTCBIA-MYSTWTTLOCTBAPLODITATUOBOOP ~ Those Who Belong To A Certain Order Of Society – People Who Make Big Decisions That Affect All Of Us – Don’t Seem To Have Much Sense Of Their Own Fallibility – Being Unacquainted With Failure – The Kind That Can’t Be Interpreted Away – May Have Something To Do With The Lack Of Caution That Business And Political Leaders Often Display In The Actions They Undertake On Behalf Of Other People

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