~ SP ~ Strategic Philanthropy

~ TBYP ~ Think Before You Pink

~ “Think Twice Before Supporting The Ubiquitous Cause-Related Marketing Pitches”

~ ‘PW’ ~ “PinkWashers”

~ The Focus On Finding A Cure For Breast Cancer, Rather Than On Prevention Of The Disease, Has Been Subject To Critique From Some Prominent Scientists And Breast Cancer Activist

~ Quintessential Tools Of Neoliberal Governmentality

~ Follow The Money

~ “Wouldn’t It Make Far More Sense To Give Your Dollars Directly To The Breast Cancer Organizations You Want To Support?”

~ “Grassroots Participation” – A Term Increasingly Used To Describe Individual Consumption-Based Acts Of Philanthropy

~ There is – Considerable Evidence To Suggest That “Depressed And Socially Isolated People Are More Prone To Succumb To Diseases, Cancer Included”

~ Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Today Face Essentially The Same Treatment Options – Surgery, Radiation And Chemotherapy – That Were Offered When The War On Cancer Was First Declared Nearly Thirty Years Ago

~ It Seems Unlikely That The Battle Against The Disease Will Be Won So Long As It Is Approached As A Single-Issue Problem Or, More Specifically, As A Single Issue Problem That Is Unrelated To Broader Cultural, Social, Economic, And Political Forces

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