~ ILAA?-TIR-KAE ~ Is Love An Art? – Then It Requires – Knowledge And Effort

~ PTTTLIS-B-TTFTROTL-O-TBLB-ID ~ People Think That To Love Is Simple – But – That To Find The Right Object To Love – Or – To Be Loved By – Is Difficult

ISOTDSCFL-AEEICTBMITL-S-P-M-P ~ In Spite Of The Deep-Seated Craving For Love – Almost Everything Else Is Considered To Be More Important Than Love – Success – Prestige – Money – Power

~ L-TATTPOHE ~ Love – The Answer To The Problem Of Human Existence

~ TEOSAA-III-TSOAA ~ The Experience Of Separateness Arouses Anxiety – It Is Indeed The Source Of All Anxiety

~ MPANEAOTNTC ~ Most People Are Not Even Aware Of Their Need To Conform

~ WL-HCNEFA ~ Without Love – Humanity Could Not Exist For A Day

~ ICTSU-MLIUUTCOP-OI-OI ~ In Contract To Symbiotic Union – Mature Love Is Union Under The Condition Of Preserving – One’s Integrity – One’s Individuality

~ IL-TPOTTBBOAYRT ~ In Love – The Paradox Occurs That Two Beings Become One And Yet Remain Two

~ LITACFTLATGOTWWL-WTACIL-TINL ~ Love Is The Active Concern For The Life And The Growth Of That Which We Love – Where This Active Concern Is Lacking – There Is No Love

~ OLTFWOL-AOLFTWOL ~ One Loves That For Which One Labors – And One Labors For That Which One Loves

~ C-R-R-A-K-A-MI ~ Care – Responsibility – Respect – And – Knowledge – Are – Mutually Interdependent

~ BODNSTLIAA-APOTS-OBTATINTFITRO-ATEGBIA ~ Because One Does Not See That Love Is An Activity – A Power Of The Soul – One Believes That All That Is Necessary To Find Is The Right Object – And That Everything Goes By Itself Afterward

~ IITLOP-ILAP-ILTW-ILL ~ If I Truly Love One Person – I Love All Persons – I Love The World – I Love Life

~ TLOFABINA-OITLOTWDNSAP-LBTU ~ To Love One’s Flesh And Blood Is No Achievement – Only In The Love Of Those Who Do Not Serve A Purpose – Love Begins To Unfold

~ TLSINJASF-IIAD-IIAJ-IIAP ~ To Love Somebody Is Not Just A Strong Feeling – It Is A Decision – It Is A Judgment – It Is A Promise

~ NITESIHD-A-TPWILLHRTTNSIIOL ~ Narcissism Is The Earliest Stage In Human Development, And The Person Who In Later Life Has Returned To This Narcissistic Stage Is Incapable Of Love

~ LOOALOOANA ~ Love Of Others And Love Of Ourselves Are Not Alternatives

~ S&SL-FFBI-AAO ~ Selfishness And Self-Love – Far From Being Identical – Are Actually Opposites

~ TUR-TUO-CBCIWOIT ~ The Ultimate Reality – The Ultimate One – Cannot Be Caught In Words Or In Thoughts

~ TIOOPFTPOL-TDOTRATAASIEPC-TITFBWLIR ~ There Is Only One Proof For The Presence Of Love – The Depth Of The Relationship And The Aliveness And Strength In Each Person Concerned – This Is The Fruit By Which Love Is Recognized

~ TMCFTAOLITOOON ~ The Main Condition For The Achievement Of Love Is The Overcoming Of One’s Narcissism

~ LBDOTRAON-IRTDO-H-O-A-R ~ Love Being Dependent On The Relative Absence Of Narcissism – It Requires The Development Of – Humility – Objectivity – And – Reason – One’s Whole Life Must Be Devoted To This Aim

~ IIWTLTAOL-IMSFOIES-ABSTTSWIANO ~ If I Want To Learn The Art Of Loving – I Must Strive For Objectivity In Every Situation – And Become Sensitive To The Situations Where I Am Not Objective

~ WMIRTL-ITFIOOL-IIATPLIO-A-IIR-THF-R-C-TATTAR-TRETAPAD ~ What Matters In Relation To Love – Is The Faith In One’s Own Love – In Its Ability To Produce Love In Others – And – In Its Reliability – To Have Faith – Requires – Courage – The Ability To Take A Risk – The Readiness Even To Accept Pain And Disappointment

~ THFITPOLAASANOEIP-IARFBOTIITVNOM ~ To Have Faith In The Possibility Of Love As A Social And Not Only Exceptional-Individual Phenomenon – Is A Rational Faith Based On The Insight Into The Very Nature Of Man


~ FTG ~ Find The Gap

~ BSA-CSOTODS ~ By Staying Alert – Creators Spot Opportunities That Others Don’t See

~ TIAD ~ Transplanting Ideas Across Divides

~ DANWF ~ Designing A New Way Forward

~ MDC ~ Merging Disparate Concepts

~ DTD ~ Drive The Daylight

~ CFOTF-KTWTG-TEGF ~ Creators Focus On The Future – Knowing That Where They Go – Their Eyes Go First

~ STE ~ Scan The Edges

~ AN ~ Avoid Nostalgia

~ FTOL ~ Fly The Ooda Loop

~ CCUTA ~ Creators Continuously Update Their Assumptions

~ FW ~ Fail Wisely

~ CUTEASOSFIETACM ~ Creators Understand That Experiencing A Series Of Small Failures Is Essential To Avoiding Catastrophic Mistakes

~ SFR ~ Set Failure Ratios

~ PSBTTI ~ Place Small Bets To Test Ideas

~ DR ~ Develop Resilience

~ TSIS ~ Turn Setbacks Into Successes

~ NM ~ Network Minds

~ CBTTBODI ~ Creators Bring Together The Brainpower Of Diverse Individuals

~ FFT ~ Foster Flash Teams

~ HPC ~ Hold Prize Competitions

~ BWRG ~ Build Work-Related Games

~ GSG ~ Gift Small Goods

~ CUGBHO ~ Creators Unleash Generosity By Helping Others

~ IAITAIW-GMCMP ~ In An Increasingly Transparent And Interconnected World – Generosity Makes Creators More Productive

~ NTI ~ Novelty Through Integration

~ TIOC ~ The Itch Of Curiosity

~ TCMITIC ~ The Creator’s Most Important Tool Is Curiosity

~ FOTH ~ Focus On The Horizon

~ MTRA ~ Map The Road Ahead

~ BETP ~ Believe Enough To Persist

~ Y…A ~ Yes…And

~ TSIS ~ Turn Setbacks Into Strength

~ WWD-EIYA? ~ What’s Worth Doing – Even If You’re Afraid?

~ AYSYTPYBI? ~ Are You Spending Your Time Pursuing Your Best Idea?

~ ITDI-HWT-WPWBTAP-ATSWTTTDC-T-WC-ULBR ~ It’s The Difference In – How We Think – What Perspectives We Bring To A Problem – And The Steps We Take To Tackle Difficult Challenges – That – When Combined – Unlock Breakthrough Results

~ CNMTTVP ~ Creators Network Minds To Tap Varied Perspectives

~ CTC ~ Create The Commons

~ TPOWTG ~ The Pain Is Worth The Gain

~ FFT ~ Foster Flash Teams

~ FT-CTQ-GTW-TD ~ Flash Teams – Come Together Quickly – Go To Work – Then Disband

~ CPC-POPAITDMTSC ~ Catalyse Prize Competitions – Prizes Often Provide An Incentive That Draws Minds To Solve Challenges

~ GW ~ Gamify Work

~ TSP ~ T-Shaped People

~ AGFG ~ A Gift For Gifts

~ CIC ~ Cooperation Is Contagious

~ TSFE ~ The Snuggle For Existence

~ TPOS-CTSSUTP ~ The Power Of Six – Combining The Six Skills Unleashes Tremendous Possibilities

~ BIY-BIYI ~ Believing In Yourself – Believing In Your Idea

~ TPITIWBE-BIWBWI ~ The Promise Isn’t That It Will Be Easy – But That It Will Be Worth It

~ CIABAAOF-ACTADOTF ~ Creation Is At Bottom An Act Of Faith – A Commitment To A Dream Of The Future

~ OYCSTTPTIYABOOTWC ~ Only You Can Seize The Tremendous Power That Is Yours And Become One Of The World’s Creators



~ F? ~ Fear?

~ D? ~ Dependency?

~ DIHAA? ~ Do I Have An Agenda?

~ AITTGS? ~ Am I Trying To Get Something?

~ AIIS? ~ Am I In Sacrifice?

~ AIIAR? ~ Am I In A Role?

~ AITTCTPTIL? ~ Am I Trying To Change The Person That I Love?

~ AITTCTP? ~ Am I Trying To Control This Person?

~ AITTGH? ~ Am I Trying To Get Hurt?


~ KHTLABL ~ Knowing How To Love And Be Loved

~ LIAIJH-TGOTJINTFL-IITKL-THEIYA-L ~ Love Is An Inner Journey Home – The Goal Of This Journey Is Not To Find Love – It Is To Know Love – This Knowledge Exists In You Already – Loveability

~ LCBD-B-ICBR ~ Love Cannot Be Defined – But – It Can Be Recognized

~ SAITBALPITWITFRSOLP ~ Setting An Intention To Be A Loving Presence In This World Is The First Real Step On Love’s Path

~ TDTBTPOLITMPIYCHIASIYLAITW ~ The Decision To Be The Presence Of Love Is The Most Powerful Influence You Can Have In Any Situation In Your Life And In This World

~ WIEPIRASOALOL? ~ What If Every Problem Is Really A Symptom Of A Lack Of Love?

~ YCTLYAIHMYLYBLBO ~ Your Capacity To Love Yourself Also Influences How Much You Let Yourself Be Loved By Others

~ WYFL-YDNTPOAPITWL-NDYSIARIOTDLI ~ When You Feel Lovable – You Don’t Need To Put On A Pleasing Image To Win Love – Nor Do You Slip Into A Role In Order To Deserve Love – You Let Love In

~ WYDFLIBYAJY ~ Whenever You Don’t Feel Loveable It’s Because You Are Judging Yourself

~ WYSJY-THOGJOWAS ~ When You Stop Judging Yourself – The Habit Of Gratuitously Judging Others Will Also Stop

~ MCAFOMMAL-WWL-BNU ~ Most Childhoods Are Full Of Mixed Messages About Love – We Were Loved – But Not Unconditionally

~ TBF-‘IANL’-CPIOISMW ~ The Basic Fear – “I Am Not Loveable” – Can Play Itself Out In So Many Ways

~ WSLYONHNBOHLYRA ~ Whether Someone Loves You Or Not Has No Bearing On How Loveable You Really Are

~ YCOBHBBYPIYUITRYITP ~ You Can Only Be Held Back By Your Past If You Use It To Reject Yourself In The Present

~ LINAA-OOTJORFATLITWCBBORSIEOC ~ Love Is Not An Act – One Of The Joys Of Real Friendship And True Love Is That We Can Both Be Our Real Selves In Each Other’s Company

~ LINAB-LINFS-S-TINAPTPWRL ~ Love Is Not A Bargain – Love Is Not For Sale – Similarly – There Is Not A Price To Pay When Receiving Love

~ LINI-LOEBE-BLREAE ~ Love Is Not Idolatry – Love Only Exists Between Equals – Because Love Recognizes Everyone As Equals

~ LINS-LIPD-IIMD-LISD ~ Love Is Not Selfish – Lust Is Physical Desire – Infatuation Is Mental Desire – Love Is Spiritual Desire

~ WYBTARIWYE-YTYRWYWYG-IIWYIAYIWE ~ What Your Bring To A Relationship Is What You Experience – You Take Your Relationship With You Wherever You Go – It Is With You In All Your Interactions With Everyone

~ WYTSIMIAR-IIPY ~ When You Think Something Is Missing In A Relationship – It Is Probably You

~ NOCLYMTYLYAGAWI ~ No One Can Love You More Than You Love Yourself And Get Away With It

~ WPDLT-TAOONLTE ~ When People Don’t Love Themselves – They Accuse Others Of Not Loving Them Either

~ FSACAEAEOLOACFL-ECIACFLATF ~ Forgiveness Sees All Communication As Either An Expression Of Love Or A Call For Love – Every Conflict Is A Call For Love According To Forgiveness

~ FITPBWYLLRAG ~ Forgiveness Is The Process By Which You Let Love Replace All Grievances

~ TFSIFAGITLYG-IYDLYGP-TINETTG ~ The First Step In Forgiving A Grievance Is To Let Yourself Grieve – If You Don’t Let Yourself Grieve Properly – There Is No End To The Grieving

~ ETTBOCTGHBYTYKCT-YSHTMRAW-NITMTCOLATHYSTTMR ~ Even Though The Burden Of Carrying These Grievances Has Brought You To Your Knees Countless Times – You Still Hope They Might Right A Wrong – Now Is The Moment To Call On Love’s Awareness To Help You See Through This Miserable Righteousness

~ YCHOTAGAFTLTIYTN ~ You Cannot Hold On To A Grievance And Feel The Love That Is Your True Nature

~ GAMOF-WYHOTG-YTIDBF ~ Grievances Are Made Of Fear – When You Hold On To Grievances – Your Thinking Is Dominated By Fear

~ GANAS-NAOACTP ~ Grievances Are Not A Solution – No Amount Of Anger Changes The Past

~ BGFWHAOA-TTMOFGWGYP ~ Being Guilty Forever Won’t Heal Anything Or Anyone – Trying To Make Others Feel Guilty Won’t Give You Peace

~ GHYB-WYDNHIYPWSUIYPRAITLYLN ~ Grievances Hold You Back – What You Do Not Heal In Your Past Will Show Up In Your Present Relationships And In The Life You Live Now

~ IDMHOYCYCOYL-TSWBTSUYF ~ It Doesn’t Matter How Often You Change Your Cast Or Your Location – The Story Will Be The Same Until You Forgive

~ WF-TPCTUAAMAYWRYH ~ Without Forgiveness – The Past Can Turn Up At Any Moment And You Will Repeat Your History

~ GDMYH-YCCTCAGAHTBH ~ Grievances Don’t Make You Happy – You Can’t Continue To Carry A Grievance And Hope To Be Happy

~ YHTATEGHAED ~ You Have To Accept That Every Grievance Has An Expiration Date

~ ITSTSTLCSTW-BWHTIY ~ It’s Too Soon To Say That Love Can’t Save The World – Because We Haven’t Tried It Yet


~ OPAGWWE ~ Occasionally People Actually Get Worse With Experience

~ TFTSTETMABP-DP ~ The Factor That Seems To Explain The Most About Great Performance – Deliberate Practice

~ PWDBTLAARCP ~ T ~ The People Who Do Become Top-Level Achievers Are Rarely Child Prodigies

~ TGPIRSAOWTDAFOJTTUTAI-TIOTTNA ~ The Great Performers Isolate Remarkably Specific Aspects Of What They Do And Focus On Just Those Things Until They Are Improved – Then It’s On To The Next Aspect

~ CZ-LZ-PZ-OBCAITLZCOMP ~ Comfort Zone – Learning Zone – Panic Zone – Only By Choosing Activities In The Learning Zone Can One Make Progress

~ F-YCWOTAYLBIYCSTE-TTWH-YWGAB-AYSC ~ Feedback – You Can Work On Technique All You Like But If You Can’t See The Effects – Two Thing Will Happen – You Won’t Get Any Better – And You’ll Stop Caring

~ DPIAAAEOFAC-TIWMID-CSETEOPTAUATTOHTMTB ~ Deliberate Practice Is Above All An Effort Of Focus And Concentration – That Is What Makes It Deliberate – Continually Seeking Exactly Those Elements Of Performance That Are Unsatisfactory And Then Trying One’s Hardest To Make Them Better

~ 4OFHADSTBTULODP-ATIFQISLNMTAHTNM ~ Four Or Five Hours A Day Seems To Be The Upper Limit Of Deliberate Practice – And This Is Frequently Accomplished In Sessions Lasting No More Than An Hour To Ninety Minutes

~ ITATLTGWEAF-TEWDT-A-TWNDTBFTR ~ If The Activities That Lead To Greatness Were Easy And Fun – Then Everyone Would Do Them – And – They Would Not Distinguish The Best From The Rest

~ TRTDPIHCEVSAGN-IMTMPWDI-YWTDIWDYATM ~ The Reality That Deliberate Practice Is Hard Can Even Be Seen As Good News – It Means That Most People Won’t Do It – Your Willingness To Do It Will Distinguish You All The More

~ DPDNFEA-RLITCFT-MO-WAABL ~ Deliberate Practice Does Not Fully Explain Achievement – Real Life Is Too Complicate For That – Most Obviously – We’re All Affected By Luck

~ EWHAEPHETDATW-TANE ~ Everyone Who Has Achieved Exceptional Performance Has Encountered Terrible Difficulties Along The Way – There Are No Exceptions

~ TPOTLAIEH-NMPWCTPI-B-BUHAFBG-ACBB ~ The Price Of Top-Level Achievement Is Extraordinarily High – Not Many People Will Choose To Pay It – But – By Understanding How A Few Become Great – Anyone Can Become Better


~ PDNWTST ~ People Do Not Want The Same Things

~ ‘N’-ISAOP ~ “No” – Is Simply An Opening Position

~ EC ~ Establish Criteria

~ P ~ Practice

~ GI ~ Get Information

~ TVOAAC(N) ~ Test Validity Of All Apparent Challenges (Nibbling)

~ DNLOPGYTP ~ Do Not Let Other People Give You Their Problems

~ DMP ~ Discuss Minor Points

~ NJATFO ~ Never Jump At The First Offer

~ AGTTPSEFLTHAS ~ Always Go Through The Process So Everyone Feels Like They Have Accomplished Something

~ NA ~ Never Argue

~ TVOASDRATSIP ~ The Value Of A Service Diminishes Rapidly After The Service Is Performed

~ NTPUF ~ Negotiate The Price Up Front

~ ABPAWTWA ~ Always Be Prepared And Willing To Walk Away

~ AFMTYW ~ Ask For More Than You Want

~ F-PAW ~ Flinch – People Are Watching

~ VR ~ Visually React

~ TOSIR ~ Trade Off Something In Return

~ ‘YWHTDBTT’ ~ “You Will Have To Do Better Than That”

~ TIARFI ~ There Is Always Room For Improvement

~ TPOTWW ~ The Power Of The Written Word

~ NG ~ Never Gloat

~ ACA ~ Always Congratulate Afterwards

~ BTOWWTC ~ Be The One Who Writes The Contract

~ BIDTTR ~ Break It Down To The Ridiculous

~ TIRMT ~ Think In Real Money Terms

~ MP ~ Maintain Perspective

~ FOTRI ~ Focus On The Real Issues

~ DAPCV ~ Develop And Project Consistent Values

~ PIS ~ Play It Straight

~ NRYD ~ Never Reveal Your Deadlines

~ CIBLAI ~ Changes In Body Language Are Important

~ TAMEIAI ~ There Are Many Elements In Any Issue


~ HAMTIOTEAATN ~ Having A Mind That Is Open To Everything And Attached To Nothing

~ FYAOWYW-A-NOWYDW ~ Focus Your Attention On What You Want – And – Not On What You Don’t Want

~ OUYMTYP ~ Open Up Your Mind To Your Potential

~ ESWAI(T) ~ Everything Starts With An Idea (Thought)

~ SMOYTCTS-TWSS/CB-A-NTP ~ Spend More Of Your Time Considering The Solution – The Way Something Should/Could Be – And Not The Problem

~ LWYD&DWYLIRE ~ Loving What You Do And Doing What You Love Is Reward Enough

~ TSOAUIA ~ The Source Of All Unhappiness Is Attachment

~ DDWYMSIY ~ Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You

~ YCGAWYDH ~ You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have

~ WYAGAIWYCTAIYL ~ What You Are Giving Away Is What You Continue To Attract Into Your Life

~ ES ~ Embracing Silence

~ GUPH ~ Giving Up Personal History

~ DNBCBTP ~ Do Not Be Consumed By The Past

~ TPDNETF ~ The Past Does Not Equal The Future

~ IYDHAS-YDHATLU-OD-T ~ If You Don’t Have A Story – You Don’t Have Anything To Live Up – Or Down – To

~ YCESAPWTSM(A)TYCIW ~ You Can’t Ever Solve A Problem With The Same Mind (Awareness) That You Created It With

~ TANJR ~ There Are No Justified Resentments

~ TYAIYAAWYWLTB ~ Treat Yourself As If You Already Are What You Would Like To Become

~ TANAITU ~ There Are No Accidents In This Universe

~ YCOGPTPIYLWYTOOT-B-WBOG ~ You Can Only Get Past The Problems In Your Life When You Take Ownership Of Them – But – Without Blame Or Guilt

~ TYD ~ Treasure Your Divinity

~ PBKRTBR ~ Practice Being Kind Rather Than Being Right

~ OARP-TANS ~ On A Round Planet – There Are No Sides

~ AATTWY ~ Avoid All Thoughts That Weaken You


~ NOTDBWTHSMTATO ~ Nobody On Their Death Bed Wishes They Had Spent More Time At The Office

~ OFS ~ Operate From Strength

~ KTFWIB ~ Keep The Focus Where It Belongs

~ SEY ~ Stop Explaining Yourself

~ YGTILTWYTPTTY ~ You Get Treated In Life The Way You Teach People To Treat You

~ IH&IF-IS&IR-ID&IU ~ I Hear And I Forget – I See And I Remember – I Do And I Understand

~ DIWTPHTUY ~ Doing Is What Teaches People How To Understand You

~ SAFP ~ Stop Asking For Permission

~ TDBAFAAWIJ ~ The Difference Between A Flower And A Weed Is Judgment

~ ETYA’A’WU-A-EYA-‘F’-EY ~ Everything That You Are – “Against” – Weakens You – And – Everything You Are – “For” – Empowers You


~ GIAUE ~ Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

~ LIACAFOC ~ Life Is A Choice And Full Of Choices

~ YMNBAOOC ~ You May Not Be Aware Of Other Choices

~ TRFYC ~ Take Responsibility For Your Choices

~ AYWYFTWYD ~ Ask Yourself Why You Feel The Way You Do

~ CSTCBEAB ~ Changing Self Talk Changes Both Emotions And Behavior

~ CAEWWKHTTUWPT ~ Challenges Are Exams We Will Keep Having To Take Until We Pass Them

~ WYASSLTIAUTHWYAS ~ What You Are Speaks So Loudly That I Am Unable To Hear What You Are Saying

~ ISITORS ~ Inner Security Is The Only Real Security

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ R ~ Reframe

~ TMIS ~ Thinking Makes It So

~ NITWUOYL ~ Now Is The Working Unit Of Your Life

~ TARTNAAA ~ Take Tiny Actions Rather Than No Action At All

~ TINWTHAHITW ~ There Is No Way To Happiness As Happiness Is The Way


~ UF ~ Update Frequently

~ TSOAPIOOTKFIPYA-APSBCO ~ The Strength Of A Password Is One Of The Key Factors In Protecting Your Accounts – And Passwords Should Be Changed Often

~ DSOFOS ~ Download Software Only From Official Sites

~ AASBUWC ~ Administrator Accounts Should Be Used With Care

~ TYCOWYAUI ~ Turn Off Your Computer When You Aren’t Using It

~ EYDL ~ Encrypt Your Digital Life

~ BWOARTCOALOOAASTY-EWILATICFSYK ~ Be Wary Of Any Request To Click On A Link Or Open An Attachment Sent To You – Even When It Looks As Though It Came From Somebody You Know

~ USBDAOOTMCWTSM ~ USB Drives Are One Of The Most Common Ways To Spread Malware

~ BUYDF ~ Back Up Your Data Frequently

~ CU-WTCINIU-CTLU ~ Cover Up – When The Camera Is Not In Use – Cover The Lens Up

~ SB-SABOS-SOBDOADTBTY-A-OANYT ~ Sensitive Browsing – Such As Banking Or Shopping – Should Only Be Done On A Device That Belongs To You – And – On A Network You Trust

~ TBYSOSN ~ Think Before You Share On Social Networks

~ UYOSBISF ~ Use Your Operating System’s Built-In Software Firewall