~ UF ~ Update Frequently

~ TSOAPIOOTKFIPYA-APSBCO ~ The Strength Of A Password Is One Of The Key Factors In Protecting Your Accounts – And Passwords Should Be Changed Often

~ DSOFOS ~ Download Software Only From Official Sites

~ AASBUWC ~ Administrator Accounts Should Be Used With Care

~ TYCOWYAUI ~ Turn Off Your Computer When You Aren’t Using It

~ EYDL ~ Encrypt Your Digital Life

~ BWOARTCOALOOAASTY-EWILATICFSYK ~ Be Wary Of Any Request To Click On A Link Or Open An Attachment Sent To You – Even When It Looks As Though It Came From Somebody You Know

~ USBDAOOTMCWTSM ~ USB Drives Are One Of The Most Common Ways To Spread Malware

~ BUYDF ~ Back Up Your Data Frequently

~ CU-WTCINIU-CTLU ~ Cover Up – When The Camera Is Not In Use – Cover The Lens Up

~ SB-SABOS-SOBDOADTBTY-A-OANYT ~ Sensitive Browsing – Such As Banking Or Shopping – Should Only Be Done On A Device That Belongs To You – And – On A Network You Trust

~ TBYSOSN ~ Think Before You Share On Social Networks

~ UYOSBISF ~ Use Your Operating System’s Built-In Software Firewall

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