~ OPAGWWE ~ Occasionally People Actually Get Worse With Experience

~ TFTSTETMABP-DP ~ The Factor That Seems To Explain The Most About Great Performance – Deliberate Practice

~ PWDBTLAARCP ~ T ~ The People Who Do Become Top-Level Achievers Are Rarely Child Prodigies

~ TGPIRSAOWTDAFOJTTUTAI-TIOTTNA ~ The Great Performers Isolate Remarkably Specific Aspects Of What They Do And Focus On Just Those Things Until They Are Improved – Then It’s On To The Next Aspect

~ CZ-LZ-PZ-OBCAITLZCOMP ~ Comfort Zone – Learning Zone – Panic Zone – Only By Choosing Activities In The Learning Zone Can One Make Progress

~ F-YCWOTAYLBIYCSTE-TTWH-YWGAB-AYSC ~ Feedback – You Can Work On Technique All You Like But If You Can’t See The Effects – Two Thing Will Happen – You Won’t Get Any Better – And You’ll Stop Caring

~ DPIAAAEOFAC-TIWMID-CSETEOPTAUATTOHTMTB ~ Deliberate Practice Is Above All An Effort Of Focus And Concentration – That Is What Makes It Deliberate – Continually Seeking Exactly Those Elements Of Performance That Are Unsatisfactory And Then Trying One’s Hardest To Make Them Better

~ 4OFHADSTBTULODP-ATIFQISLNMTAHTNM ~ Four Or Five Hours A Day Seems To Be The Upper Limit Of Deliberate Practice – And This Is Frequently Accomplished In Sessions Lasting No More Than An Hour To Ninety Minutes

~ ITATLTGWEAF-TEWDT-A-TWNDTBFTR ~ If The Activities That Lead To Greatness Were Easy And Fun – Then Everyone Would Do Them – And – They Would Not Distinguish The Best From The Rest

~ TRTDPIHCEVSAGN-IMTMPWDI-YWTDIWDYATM ~ The Reality That Deliberate Practice Is Hard Can Even Be Seen As Good News – It Means That Most People Won’t Do It – Your Willingness To Do It Will Distinguish You All The More

~ DPDNFEA-RLITCFT-MO-WAABL ~ Deliberate Practice Does Not Fully Explain Achievement – Real Life Is Too Complicate For That – Most Obviously – We’re All Affected By Luck

~ EWHAEPHETDATW-TANE ~ Everyone Who Has Achieved Exceptional Performance Has Encountered Terrible Difficulties Along The Way – There Are No Exceptions

~ TPOTLAIEH-NMPWCTPI-B-BUHAFBG-ACBB ~ The Price Of Top-Level Achievement Is Extraordinarily High – Not Many People Will Choose To Pay It – But – By Understanding How A Few Become Great – Anyone Can Become Better

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