~ GIAUE ~ Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

~ LIACAFOC ~ Life Is A Choice And Full Of Choices

~ YMNBAOOC ~ You May Not Be Aware Of Other Choices

~ TRFYC ~ Take Responsibility For Your Choices

~ AYWYFTWYD ~ Ask Yourself Why You Feel The Way You Do

~ CSTCBEAB ~ Changing Self Talk Changes Both Emotions And Behavior

~ CAEWWKHTTUWPT ~ Challenges Are Exams We Will Keep Having To Take Until We Pass Them

~ WYASSLTIAUTHWYAS ~ What You Are Speaks So Loudly That I Am Unable To Hear What You Are Saying

~ ISITORS ~ Inner Security Is The Only Real Security

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ R ~ Reframe

~ TMIS ~ Thinking Makes It So

~ NITWUOYL ~ Now Is The Working Unit Of Your Life

~ TARTNAAA ~ Take Tiny Actions Rather Than No Action At All

~ TINWTHAHITW ~ There Is No Way To Happiness As Happiness Is The Way

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