~ HAMTIOTEAATN ~ Having A Mind That Is Open To Everything And Attached To Nothing

~ FYAOWYW-A-NOWYDW ~ Focus Your Attention On What You Want – And – Not On What You Don’t Want

~ OUYMTYP ~ Open Up Your Mind To Your Potential

~ ESWAI(T) ~ Everything Starts With An Idea (Thought)

~ SMOYTCTS-TWSS/CB-A-NTP ~ Spend More Of Your Time Considering The Solution – The Way Something Should/Could Be – And Not The Problem

~ LWYD&DWYLIRE ~ Loving What You Do And Doing What You Love Is Reward Enough

~ TSOAUIA ~ The Source Of All Unhappiness Is Attachment

~ DDWYMSIY ~ Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You

~ YCGAWYDH ~ You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have

~ WYAGAIWYCTAIYL ~ What You Are Giving Away Is What You Continue To Attract Into Your Life

~ ES ~ Embracing Silence

~ GUPH ~ Giving Up Personal History

~ DNBCBTP ~ Do Not Be Consumed By The Past

~ TPDNETF ~ The Past Does Not Equal The Future

~ IYDHAS-YDHATLU-OD-T ~ If You Don’t Have A Story – You Don’t Have Anything To Live Up – Or Down – To

~ YCESAPWTSM(A)TYCIW ~ You Can’t Ever Solve A Problem With The Same Mind (Awareness) That You Created It With

~ TANJR ~ There Are No Justified Resentments

~ TYAIYAAWYWLTB ~ Treat Yourself As If You Already Are What You Would Like To Become

~ TANAITU ~ There Are No Accidents In This Universe

~ YCOGPTPIYLWYTOOT-B-WBOG ~ You Can Only Get Past The Problems In Your Life When You Take Ownership Of Them – But – Without Blame Or Guilt

~ TYD ~ Treasure Your Divinity

~ PBKRTBR ~ Practice Being Kind Rather Than Being Right

~ OARP-TANS ~ On A Round Planet – There Are No Sides

~ AATTWY ~ Avoid All Thoughts That Weaken You

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