~ NOTDBWTHSMTATO ~ Nobody On Their Death Bed Wishes They Had Spent More Time At The Office

~ OFS ~ Operate From Strength

~ KTFWIB ~ Keep The Focus Where It Belongs

~ SEY ~ Stop Explaining Yourself

~ YGTILTWYTPTTY ~ You Get Treated In Life The Way You Teach People To Treat You

~ IH&IF-IS&IR-ID&IU ~ I Hear And I Forget – I See And I Remember – I Do And I Understand

~ DIWTPHTUY ~ Doing Is What Teaches People How To Understand You

~ SAFP ~ Stop Asking For Permission

~ TDBAFAAWIJ ~ The Difference Between A Flower And A Weed Is Judgment

~ ETYA’A’WU-A-EYA-‘F’-EY ~ Everything That You Are – “Against” – Weakens You – And – Everything You Are – “For” – Empowers You

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