~ ILAA?-TIR-KAE ~ Is Love An Art? – Then It Requires – Knowledge And Effort

~ PTTTLIS-B-TTFTROTL-O-TBLB-ID ~ People Think That To Love Is Simple – But – That To Find The Right Object To Love – Or – To Be Loved By – Is Difficult

ISOTDSCFL-AEEICTBMITL-S-P-M-P ~ In Spite Of The Deep-Seated Craving For Love – Almost Everything Else Is Considered To Be More Important Than Love – Success – Prestige – Money – Power

~ L-TATTPOHE ~ Love – The Answer To The Problem Of Human Existence

~ TEOSAA-III-TSOAA ~ The Experience Of Separateness Arouses Anxiety – It Is Indeed The Source Of All Anxiety

~ MPANEAOTNTC ~ Most People Are Not Even Aware Of Their Need To Conform

~ WL-HCNEFA ~ Without Love – Humanity Could Not Exist For A Day

~ ICTSU-MLIUUTCOP-OI-OI ~ In Contract To Symbiotic Union – Mature Love Is Union Under The Condition Of Preserving – One’s Integrity – One’s Individuality

~ IL-TPOTTBBOAYRT ~ In Love – The Paradox Occurs That Two Beings Become One And Yet Remain Two

~ LITACFTLATGOTWWL-WTACIL-TINL ~ Love Is The Active Concern For The Life And The Growth Of That Which We Love – Where This Active Concern Is Lacking – There Is No Love

~ OLTFWOL-AOLFTWOL ~ One Loves That For Which One Labors – And One Labors For That Which One Loves

~ C-R-R-A-K-A-MI ~ Care – Responsibility – Respect – And – Knowledge – Are – Mutually Interdependent

~ BODNSTLIAA-APOTS-OBTATINTFITRO-ATEGBIA ~ Because One Does Not See That Love Is An Activity – A Power Of The Soul – One Believes That All That Is Necessary To Find Is The Right Object – And That Everything Goes By Itself Afterward

~ IITLOP-ILAP-ILTW-ILL ~ If I Truly Love One Person – I Love All Persons – I Love The World – I Love Life

~ TLOFABINA-OITLOTWDNSAP-LBTU ~ To Love One’s Flesh And Blood Is No Achievement – Only In The Love Of Those Who Do Not Serve A Purpose – Love Begins To Unfold

~ TLSINJASF-IIAD-IIAJ-IIAP ~ To Love Somebody Is Not Just A Strong Feeling – It Is A Decision – It Is A Judgment – It Is A Promise

~ NITESIHD-A-TPWILLHRTTNSIIOL ~ Narcissism Is The Earliest Stage In Human Development, And The Person Who In Later Life Has Returned To This Narcissistic Stage Is Incapable Of Love

~ LOOALOOANA ~ Love Of Others And Love Of Ourselves Are Not Alternatives

~ S&SL-FFBI-AAO ~ Selfishness And Self-Love – Far From Being Identical – Are Actually Opposites

~ TUR-TUO-CBCIWOIT ~ The Ultimate Reality – The Ultimate One – Cannot Be Caught In Words Or In Thoughts

~ TIOOPFTPOL-TDOTRATAASIEPC-TITFBWLIR ~ There Is Only One Proof For The Presence Of Love – The Depth Of The Relationship And The Aliveness And Strength In Each Person Concerned – This Is The Fruit By Which Love Is Recognized

~ TMCFTAOLITOOON ~ The Main Condition For The Achievement Of Love Is The Overcoming Of One’s Narcissism

~ LBDOTRAON-IRTDO-H-O-A-R ~ Love Being Dependent On The Relative Absence Of Narcissism – It Requires The Development Of – Humility – Objectivity – And – Reason – One’s Whole Life Must Be Devoted To This Aim

~ IIWTLTAOL-IMSFOIES-ABSTTSWIANO ~ If I Want To Learn The Art Of Loving – I Must Strive For Objectivity In Every Situation – And Become Sensitive To The Situations Where I Am Not Objective

~ WMIRTL-ITFIOOL-IIATPLIO-A-IIR-THF-R-C-TATTAR-TRETAPAD ~ What Matters In Relation To Love – Is The Faith In One’s Own Love – In Its Ability To Produce Love In Others – And – In Its Reliability – To Have Faith – Requires – Courage – The Ability To Take A Risk – The Readiness Even To Accept Pain And Disappointment

~ THFITPOLAASANOEIP-IARFBOTIITVNOM ~ To Have Faith In The Possibility Of Love As A Social And Not Only Exceptional-Individual Phenomenon – Is A Rational Faith Based On The Insight Into The Very Nature Of Man

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