~ DBS ~ Death By Selfie

~ FOMO ~ Fear Of Missing Out

~ FHS ~ Friendly Happy Shiny

~ TFKMTBTHKOBT ~ The Fox Knows Many Things But The Hedgehog Knows One Big Thing ~ Isaiah Berlin

~ DNCYD ~ Do Not Compromise Your Desire ~ Jacques Lacan

~ SCAAANLMS ~ Sack Cloth And Ashes Are No Longer My Style ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

~ TINSTAA’WDK’EA ~ There Is No Such Thing As A “We Didn’t Know” Excuse Anymore ~ Faith Popcorn ~ The Popcorn Report

~ ASMDUISL ~ A Social Movement Dressed Up In Scientific Language ~ Petr Skrabanek

~ CONJFPP-OTC-IRQI ~ Christianity Offers No Justification For Political Power – On The Contrary – It Radically Questions It ~ Jacques Ellul

~ TRFWYA ~ Take Responsibility For Where You Are ~ Tad James ~ The Secret Of Creating Your Future

~ TITTJIL-BUFAPRBYAAMO ~ This Is The True Joy In Life – Being Used For A Purpose Recognized By Yourself As A Mighty One ~ George Bernard Shaw

~ AYTWYG ~ Align Your Thoughts With Your Goals ~ Tad James ~ The Secret Of Creating Your Future

~ TRSOSIE ~ The Real Secret Of Success Is Enthusiasm ~ Walter Chrysler

~ DTW ~ Do The Work ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Do It

~ OMOI-NTMSFS ~ Our Major Obligation Is – Not To Mistake Slogans For Solutions ~ Edward Murrow

~ WATWWWWFWPTD ~ What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive ~ Walter Scott

~ SOSO ~ Same Old Same Old

~ AITAOCPTSMTDHFSTDN ~ Advertising Is The Art Of Convincing People To Spend Money They Don’t Have For Something They Don’t Need ~ Will Rogers

~ WWW ~ World Wide Web ~ Tim Berners-Lee

~ IANAC! ~ I Am Not A Crook! ~ Richard Nixon

~ YCHSTPFY ~ You Cannot Hire Someone To Practice For You ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Do It

~ APBWAI ~ All Prosperity Begins With An Idea ~ Tad James ~ The Secret Of Creating Your Future

~ DAP ~ Develop A Philosophy ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

~ AYITQOAOAIYITV ~ As You Increase The Quality Or Abstractness Of An Idea You Increase The Value ~ Tad James ~ The Secret Of Creating Your Future

~ BAE ~ Beware Alluring Escapes ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

~ LTLIAWOT ~ Listening To Liars Is A Waste Of Time

~ CD&Q ~ Clearly Defined And Quantifiable ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

~ PWEPIAIWTCWIIS-TILAWTDWTCAITD ~ People Who Exercise Power Inevitably Abuse It When They Can Wield It In Secret – They Inevitably Lie About What They Do When They Can Act In The Dark ~ Glenn Greenwald

~ IIBTDNTTCTTIOFWORVTWEARAE ~ It Is Better To Do Nothing Than To Contribute To The Invention Of Formal Ways Of Rendering Visible That Which Empire Already Recognizes As Existent ~ Alain Badiou

~ IT ~ Inverted Totalitarianism ~ Sheldon Wolin ~ Democracy Incorporated

~ TRON ~ The Rule Of Nobody ~ Hannah Arendt ~ Eichmann In Jerusalem

~ CIICFHNPITWAU-AGTNTTPUAIMBBRAFOSR ~ Capitalism In Its Current Form Has No Place In The World Around Us – A Global Transformation Needs To Take Place Urgently And It Must Begin By Restoring A Form Of Social Responsibility ~ Klaus Schwab

~ RIA ~ Radical Ideological Agenda ~ Joe Oliver

~ TWHTMOTGOFSWFATLANWNATSTA ~ Those Who Have Too Much Of The Goods Of Fortune, Strength, Wealth, Friends, And The Like, Are Neither Willing Nor Able To Submit To Authority ~ Aristotle ~ Politics

~ OT1%-BT1%-FT1% ~ Of The 1% – By The 1% – For The 1% ~ Joseph Stiglitz

~ S&D ~ Secrecy And Deceit

~ TM-CTIM-LTW-AITFTCC! ~ The Mass – Clings To Its Masters – Loves The Whip – And Is The First To Cry Crucify! ~ Emma Goldman

~ MI-OHTBT-HCTBRAWAE ~ Many Ideas – Once Held To Be True – Have Come To Be Regarded As Wrong And Evil ~ Alexander Berkman

~ TCWGCOP ~ The Cross Was God’s Critique Of Power ~ James Cone ~ The Cross And The Lynching Tree

~ LWTT ~ Live Within The Truth ~ Vaclav Havel ~ The Power Of Powerlessness

~ TDIAGCIBNMWTTDIB-TOUDIWOATSATEOSE ~ To Die In A Gas Chamber Is By No Means Worse Than To Die In Battle – The Only Undignified Death Is When One Attempts To Survive At The Expense Of Somebody Else ~ Marek Edelman

~ FUIWMETDTIWFSWFBATCTRTRTDAHTUN ~ For Us It Was Much Easier To Die Than It Was For Someone Who First Boarded A Train Car, Then Rode The Train, Then Dug A Hole, Then Undressed Naked ~ Marek Edelman

~ UPDNUTSNBIORP ~ Urban People Do Not Understand The Sacrifices Now Being Imposed On Rural People ~ Andrew Nikiforuk ~ Saboteurs

~ AEFHFHATT ~ An Exile From Home For Hinting At The Truth ~ Ida Wells

~ TCOPIALB-AWHRTSSNWAD ~ The Criminalization Of Poverty Is A Lucrative Business – And We Have Replaced The Social Safety Net With A Dragnet ~ Bonnie Kerness

~ TAMRTEPDNMI-PATITTANSTS ~ There Are Many Reasons That Ex-Prisoners Do Not Make It – Paramount Among Them Is That They Are Not Supposed To Succeed ~ Bonnie Kerness

~ LIBAPOHAPAHOIO ~ Language Is Both A Product Of History And Possesses A History Of Its Own ~ Thomas Paine

~ PPFWTD-ASM-FWTHATTB ~ People Pay For What They Do – And Still More – For What They Have Allowed Themselves To Become ~ James Baldwin ~ Collected Essays

~ TINAFLETCTSOKIP ~ There Is Not A Flag Large Enough To Cover The Shame Of Killing Innocent People ~ Howard Zinn

~ WCMTLOJWNN-BIESTCNTUP ~ What Constantly Marked The Life Of Jesus Was Not Nonviolence – But In Every Situation The Choice Not To Use Power – This Is Infinitely Different ~ Jacques Ellul ~ What I Believe

~ BWYAWYA ~ Be Where You Are When You Are ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

~ AAIIWITF ~ Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail ~ Debra Brandy

~ BPYDALYD-TINMTFAE ~ Between Pursuing Your Dream And Living Your Dream – There Is Not Much Time For Anything Else ~ John Roger + Peter McWilliams ~ Wealth 101

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