~ SBCMSFOBAMLTWG ~ Skipping Breakfast Creates Measurable Stress For Our Bodies And May Lead To Weight Gain

~ LCEUTTEAWATRSARMFDTCLTDAI ~ Long Commutes Expose Us To Traffic Exhaust As Well As The Repetitive Strain And Restricted Movement From Driving That Can Lead To Disease And Illness

~ SAD-APSIYC-CLTI ~ Sitting All Day – And Particularly Slouching In Your Chair – Can Lead To Illness

~ WFMT10HPDMLTAHA ~ Working For More Than 10 Hours Per Day May Lead To A Heart Attack

~ WOHCCWGAISH ~ Working Odd Hours Can Cause Weight Gain And Increase Stress Hormones

~ REFFFALAABWIYROHD ~ Regularly Eating Fast Food For Lunch And At Breaks Will Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease

~ OOCCESALOSALTI ~ Overconsumption Of Caffeine Can Exacerbate Stress And Lack Of Sleep And Lead To Illness

~ RAMBTTYL ~ Recirculated Air May Be Toxic To Your Lungs

~ WWIOOTMEEIA/ODTQOL ~ Working While Ill Or Overly Tired May Exacerbate Existing Illness And/Or Diminish The Quality Of Life

~ M-POTMV-CACD ~ Meetings – Particularly Of The Motivational Variety – Can Actually Cause Depression

~ OETEFTDFPAPCLTLD ~ Over-Exposure To Extremely Fine Toner Dust From Printers And Photocopiers Could Lead To Lung Disease

~ ESAACSJUV ~ Endlessly Staring At A Computer Screen Harms Your Vision

~ BETTML-POTFK-ISFABP ~ Being Exposed To Too Much Light – Particularly Of The Fluorescent Kind – Increases Stress, Fatigue, And Blood Pressure

~ EBMMYMLTDFHDOS ~ Extreme Boredom May Make You More Likely To Die From Heart Disease Or Stroke

~ GAEITO-POKAM ~ Germs Are Everywhere In The Office – Particularly On Keyboards And Mice

~ TOMTMLTCTS ~ Typing Or Mousing Too Much Leads To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

~ TDNAYLAM ~ Tight Deadlines Negatively Affect Your Learning And Memory

~ SOMLTRSI ~ Smartphone Overuse May Lead To Repetitive Strain Injuries

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