~ E-TIPTBRIPFTCNFP ~ Egonomics – There Is Profit To Be Reaped In Providing For The Consumer’s Need For Personalization

~ PUP ~ Poor Urban Professionals

~ WOOF ~ Well-Off Older Folks

~ ST-BN-BAETATU? ~ Shouldn’t Technology – By Now – Be Advanced Enough To Adapt To Us?

~ T-‘SPT’-BUTFOLFTWCAT ~ The – “Speed Of Technology” – Brings Us The Facts Of Life Faster Than We Can Assimilate Them

~ ITNOMIIATUAAT-IAMUATTI ~ Information Technology Not Only Makes Information Instantly Accessible To Us At All Times – It Also Make Us Accessible To The Information

~ S-WWWNIL-MAML ~ Streamlining – What We Want Now Is Less – More And More Less

~ TINSTAA-‘WDK’-E-A ~ There Is No Such Thing As A – “We Didn’t Know” – Excuse – Anymore

~ OMUNIONN-TDITEWTIC ~ Our Most Urgent News Is Old News Now – The Danger Is That Emergency Warnings Turn Into Clichés

~ TBNFTEITGRTDCBP-AI-WH-TD ~ The Best News For The Environment Is The Growing Recognition That Decency Can Be Profitable – And Increasingly – We Hope – Tax-Deductible

~ DR-IIEJT-‘DNW’ ~ Do Right – It Isn’t Enough Just To – “Do No Wrong”

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