~ WHTLMSM ~ Why Having Too Little Means So Much

~ SCTM ~ Scarcity Captures The Mind

~ IIRHFOCDTTOTO ~ It Is Remarkable How Frequently Otherwise Clever Discussions Tend To Overlook Trade-Offs

~ SINJAPC-IIAAM ~ Scarcity Is Not Just A Physical Constraint – It Is Also A Mindset

~ WSCOA-TCHWT-WIIATLO-M/H/D/W-BSTOM-IAWWN-HWWOC-HWD-AUWWDAHWB ~ When Scarcity Captures Our Attention – It Changes How We Think – Whether It Is At The Level Of – Milliseconds / Hours / Days / Weeks – By Staying Top Of Mind – It Affects What We Notice – How We Weigh Our Choices – How We Deliberate – And Ultimately What We Decide And How We Behave

~ BWAPBS-BOMCRTI-WHLMTGTTROL ~ Because We Are Preoccupied By Scarcity – Because Our Minds Constantly Return To It – We Have Less Mind To Give To The Rest Of Life

~ IINTTPHLBAI-R-IITTEOPRAB ~ It Is Not That The Poor Have Less Bandwidth As Individuals – Rather – It Is That The Experience Of Poverty Reduces Anyone’s Bandwidth

~ WTIS-YGMOOI-BIWOP-TFD ~ When Time Is Short – You Get More Out Of It – Be It Work Or Pleasure – The Focus Dividend

~ T-FOOTMNOT-TOTTAHTSC-ETU-AMLTGLO ~ Tunneling – Focusing On One Thing Means Neglecting Other Things – Things Outside The Tunnel Are Harder To See Clearly – Easier To Undervalue – And More Likely To Get Left Out

~ TBT ~ The Bandwidth Tax

~ AB ~ Attentional Blink – Mentally Distracted

~ PITTM-PRFIAEC ~ Poverty Itself Taxes The Mind – Poverty Reduces Fluid Intelligence And Executive Control

~ SCS ~ Scarcity Creates Scarcity

~ SFTOT ~ Scarcity Forces Trade-Off Thinking

~ S ~ Slack

~ WDATSG? ~ Where Does All The Slack Go?

~ RTF ~ Room To Fail

~ WAAMTOWOFP ~ We Are All Much Too Optimistic With Our Future Plans

~ OB-ADOOTWOTB-ANARTTC-PBOPDMEC ~ Our Biases – A Direct Outcome Of The Workings Of The Brain – Are Not Always Responsive To The Consequences – Psychological Biases Often Persist Despite More Extreme Consequences

~ WLS-WHLRTF ~ With Little Slack – We Have Less Room To Fail

~ WCB-WAMLTF ~ With Compromised Bandwidth – We Are More Likely To Fail

~ S&S ~ Scarcity And Slack

~ KYWBHNMDNCYATSWTBHTD-EIFWTTCATS-YRO-‘K’-IITA-YWFI-ATIWCYMITSW ~ Knowing You Will Be Hungry Next Month Does Not Capture Your Attention The Same Way That Being Hungry Today Does – Even If You Were To Think Carefully About Tomorrow’s Scarcity – You’d Really Only – “Know” – It In The Abstract – You Wouldn’t Feel It – And Thus It Wouldn’t Capture Your Mind In The Same Way

~ PB-WOIBATEOFO ~ Present Bias – We Overvalue Immediate Benefits At The Expense Of Future Ones

~ WWFSIOMEMN-WPLEFTF ~ When We Focus So Intensely On Making Ends Meet Now – We Plan Less Effectively For The Future

~ SBABTMUS ~ Scarcity Brings About Behaviors That Make Us Shortsighted

~ TST ~ The Scarcity Trap

~ SPAOAITWWDWIASM ~ Scarcity Perpetuates And Often Amplifies Itself Through What We Do When In A Scarcity Mindset

~ PISTMWAIEOS-TBADOPITMWIS ~ Poverty Is Surely The Most Widespread And Important Example Of Scarcity – The Breadth And Depth Of Poverty In The Modern World Is Striking

~ TFOTPAPAPOTMOBPITFP-UTC-WAWH(AH!)F ~ The Failures Of The Poor Are Part And Parcel Of The Misfortune Of Being Poor In The First Place – Under These Conditions – We All Would Have (And Have!) Failed

~ D-N-A-M-AFOBT ~ Disease – Noise – And – Malnutrition – Additional Forms Of Bandwidth Taxation

~ WNLATSOTPRTTFOTC?-WNDPSTBMFT? ~ Why Not Look At The Structure Of The Programs Rather Than The Failings Of The Clients? – Why Not Design Programs Structured To Be More Fault Tolerant?

~ IAWOUB-ATWBWK ~ In A World Of Unlimited Bandwidth – All This Would Be Worth Knowing

~ BCBB ~ Bandwidth Can Be Built

~ WWEPTHHLS-WMBTTITTDSPDNWODNCI-BPTPINIWTPATTDBWTAD ~ When We Encounter Programs That Have Had Limited Success – We May Be Tempted To Infer That They Deliver Something People Do Not Want Or Do Not Consider Important – But Perhaps The Problem Is Not In What These Programs Are Trying To Deliver But With The Actual Delivery

~ US ~ Underappreciated Slack

~ ETWSKBRUS ~ Even Those Who Should Know Better Routinely Undervalue Slack

~ WFTBSBWFOWMBDNADNTEAATTTCAITF ~ We Fail To Build Slack Because We Focus On What Must Be Done Now And Do Not Think Enough About All The Things That Can Arise In The Future

~ SIBWAB-ICBHTSOTWFUS ~ Slack Is Both Wasteful And Beneficial – It Can Be Hard To Separate Out True Waste From Useful Slack

~ AWHAASTD-PEGD-YMFSMH-NB ~ As Work Hours Accumulate And Sleep Time Diminishes – Productivity Eventually Goes Down – Yet Most Firms Still Manage Hours – Not Bandwidth

~ IWITT ~ Influence What’s In The Tunnel

~ CTD-WHWADIN-CHSLE ~ Changing The Default – What Happens When A Decision Is Neglected – Can Have Strikingly Large Effects

~ CTTTTTGNIOTSCBVP-TODAW-CQOTBITKTDV ~ Converting Those Things That Tend To Get Neglected Into One-Time Solutions Can Be Very Powerful – The Other Direction Also Works – Convert Questionable One-Time Behaviors Into The Kind That Demands Vigilance

~ WOBIT-TSSCDALOD ~ When Our Bandwidth Is Taxed – The Simplest Snags Can Do A Lot Of Damage

~ AWTFTATSCITEIO-TCLPOMRTSPAFBHPOS ~ A Way To Fight The Abundance-Then-Scarcity Cycle Is To Even It Out – To Create Long Periods Of Moderation Rather Than Spurts Of Abundance Followed By Heightened Periods Of Scarcity

~ SP ~ Scarcity Proofing

~ ASMOICHLB ~ A Singular Moment Of Insight Can Have Lasting Benefits

~ YKTADWS-BDIEOTYNTDAADOHTAW?~ You Know To Avoid Driving When Sleepy – But Did It Ever Occur To You Not To Drive After A Day Of Hard Thinking At Work?

~ POB ~ People Overlook Bandwidth

~ JAOOIBATF-IILTSBFAW ~ Just As Our Own Individual Bandwidth Appears To Fluctuate – It Is Likely That Society’s Bandwidth Fluctuates As Well

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