~ TGMPITWI-YGTBYR ~ The Greatest Management Principle In The World Is – You Get The Behavior You Reward

~ AFOTBRAAYWGTTR ~ Ask For One Thing But Reward Another And You Will Get The Thing Rewarded

~ TGTATITBT ~ The Greatest Truths Are Too Important To Be True

~ PBTWTRSTTTB ~ People Behave The Way The Reward System Teaches Them To Behave

~ YGWYG ~ You Get What You Give

~ GSMPITRDARAGC ~ Goals Start Moving People In The Right Direction And Rewards Assure Goal Completion

~ PTWACTW ~ Praise The Worker And Criticize The Work

~ ATMQO-‘WIBR?’~ Ask The Magic Question Of – “What Is Being Rewarded?”

~ WIBR? ~ What Is Being Rewarded?

~ TSTMITBAL ~ The Secret To Management Is To Become A Leader


~ KYMS ~ Keep Your Mouth Shut

~ TYA ~ Test Your Assumptions

~ GCB ~ Get Cost Breakdowns

~ EMTGM ~ Expect More To Get More

~ SH ~ Start High

~ ‘YHGTDBTT’-IAPP ~ “You Have Got To Do Better Than That” – Is A Powerful Phrase

~ WDYWTAYG? ~ Why Do You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

~ KIP ~ Knowledge Is Power

~ NIAPA ~ Negotiation Is A Permanent Activity

~ MSAIC ~ Make Small And Incremental Concessions

~ YDNHTMACO(TFT) ~ You Do Not Have To Make A Counter Offer (Tit For Tat)

~ DNMTFCOAMI ~ Do Not Make The First Concession On A Major Issue

~ EMIOTGM ~ Expect Much In Order To Get Much

~ BPTDYP ~ Be Prepared To Defend Your Price


~ MOTTAAES ~ Most Of The Time Answers Are Embarrassingly Simple

~ CYDSR ~ Catch Yourself Doing Something Right

~ LGOWINW ~ Let Go Of What Is Not Working

~ SYFTHOGWTW ~ Shift Your Focus To Helping Others Get What They Want

~ DYPF-TSG ~ Define Your Purpose First – Then Set Goals

~ DIYW ~ Do It Your Way

~ TMSPASAS ~ The Most Successful People Are Successful At Sales

~ FOWIRI ~ Focus On What Is Really Important

~ AYWAYS? ~ Ask Yourself Why Are You Selling

~ PWFGATPGR ~ People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results

~ WBWWTA ~ We Become What We Think About

~ TODBWAPIA ~ The Only Difference Between Work And Play Is Attitude

~ DACCO ~ Do A Consequence Check Often

~ RYCOYP ~ Remind Yourself Constantly Of Your Purpose

~ VYSBH ~ Visualize Your Sale Before Hand

~ LESIMS ~ Leverage Every Sale Into Multiple Sales

~ SIACA ~ Selling Is A Creative Act

~ CPN ~ Clarify Prospects Needs

~ EABMSTBS ~ Even A Better Mousetrap Has To Be Sold

~ MOTITTVLTTD ~ Most Of The Important Things Take Very Little Time To Do


~ TRFWYA ~ Take Responsibility For Where You Are

~ CYV ~ Clarify Your Values

~ WDWYW ~ Write Down What You Want

~ CUAPMNCWWYW ~ Clean Up Any Past Memories Not Consistent With What You Want

~ PYFBCMFYFTL ~ Program Your Future By Creating Memories For Your Future Time Line

~ AYTWYG ~ Align Your Thoughts With Your Goals

~ PEAO ~ Play Everything All Out

~ TBRIWYTCOYMYTCOYR ~ The Basic Rule Is When You Take Charge Of Your Mind You Take Charge Of Your Results

~ TINFOF ~ There Is No Failure Only Feedback

~ KYO ~ Know Your Outcome

~ TLONACATDODIR ~ The Laws Of Nature Are Contained At The Depths Of Deep Inner Reflection

~ TUWGYWYDU ~ The Universe Will Give You What You Dwell Upon

~ TUDB ~ The Universe Demands Balance

~ WAACFWWD ~ We Are Always Compensated For What We Do

~ YAACIYU ~ You Are At Cause In Your Universe

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ PC ~ Prosperity Consciousness

~ TUIA ~ The Universe Is Abundant

~ TUWUTP ~ The Universe Wants Us To Prosper

~ APBWAI ~ All Prosperity Begins With An Idea

~ ITAGANATTWWO ~ If Thinking And Goals Are Not Aligned Then Thinking Will Win Out

~ MIAAOW ~ Money Is An Abstraction Of Work

~ AYITQOAOAIYITV ~ As You Increase The Quality Or Abstractness Of An Idea You Increase The Value

~ S ~ Seek


~ BIOOTSWTSIAP ~ Blame Is One Of The Surest Ways To Stay In A Problem

~ IBAWGAOP ~ In Blaming Another We Give Away Our Power

~ TPCBC ~ The Past Cannot Be Changed

~ TFISBOCT ~ The Future Is Shaped By Our Current Thinking

~ WANTRFOWWBO ~ We Are Not Taking Responsibility For Ourselves When We Blame Others

~ UWBYC ~ Understanding Will Bring You Compassion

~ RYPINT ~ Rearranging Your Prejudices Is Not Thinking

~ WCBTBFITM ~ We Can Begin To Be Free In This Moment

~ WCCOATTP ~ We Can Change Our Attitude Toward The Past

~ TUWTCOTH ~ The Universe Will Take Care Of The Hows

~ AAAOTSATMKTPCIEAOOL ~ Acceptance And Approval Of The Self Are The Main Keys To Positive Changes In Every Area Of Our Lives

~ IISTLW ~ It Is Safe To Look Within

~ ‘S’-IOOTMDWITEL ~ “Should” – Is One Of The Most Damaging Words In The English Language

~ TPOPIAITPM ~ The Point Of Power Is Always In The Present Moment

~ WANTA-‘E’-AWATA-Y ~ We Are Not Talking About – “Everyone” – As We Are Talking About – You

~ ‘TPHNPOM’ ~ “The Past Has No Power Over Me”

~ LIRS ~ Life Is Really Simple

~ WGBWWGO ~ We Get Back What We Give Out

~ WYCTBBTFY ~ Whatever You Choose To Believe Becomes True For You

~ EMIANB ~ Each Moment Is A New Beginning

~ YATOPWTIYM ~ You Are The Only Person Who Thinks In Your Mind

~ BKTY ~ Be Kind To Yourself

~ BTLAAOY ~ Begin To Love And Approve Of Yourself

~ CBWJAWE ~ Cross Bridges With Joy And With Ease

~ YMIAT ~ Your Mind Is A Tool

~ YAMMTYM ~ You Are Much More Than Your Mind

~ YMIATFYTUIAWYW ~ Your Mind Is A Tool For You To Use In Any Way You Wish

~ TWYNUYMIOAB ~ The Way You Now Use Your Mind Is Only A Habit

~ HCBCIWWTCT ~ Habits Can Be Changed If We Want To Change Them

~ TOTYEHACOIYCT ~ The Only Thing You Ever Have Any Control Of Is Your Current Thought

~ FITATAE ~ Forgiveness Is The Answer To Almost Everything

~ FTNIATWOTIYRWTMC ~ Fighting The Negative Is A Total Waste Of Time If You Really Want To Make Changes

~ WYPYAOG ~ What You Put Your Attention On Grows

~ OOBILALITOTTILU ~ Our Own Belief In Lack And Limitation Is The Only Thing That Is Limiting Us

~ JSAST ~ Just Smile And Say Thanks

~ MRFTN ~ Make Room For The New

~ TULSB ~ The Universe Loves Symbolic Gestures

~ MITETTD ~ Money Is The Easiest Thing To Demonstrate

~ LYB ~ Love Your Bills

~ ABIAAOTATP ~ A Bill Is An Acknowledgment Of The Ability To Pay

~ RITGFOO ~ Rejoice In The Good Fortune Of Others

~ JTCOYOT ~ Just Take Care Of Your Own Thoughts

~ BLAYWBL ~ Be Loving And You Will Be Lovable

~ BOARTL ~ Be Open And Receptive To Love

~ TBIAMOOITAB ~ The Body Is A Mirror Of Our Inner Thoughts And Beliefs

~ TBIATTUIWOTTTTL ~ The Body Is Always Talking To Us If We Only Take The Time To Listen

~ TWBTYCBTFY ~ That Which Belongs To You Cannot Be Taken From You

~ WCFTDITSUAWCFRSJITGT ~ We Can Find Total Disaster In The Smallest Upset And We Can Find Some Joy In The Greatest Tragedy

~ IIUTU ~ It Is Up To Us

~ SWTTFOLTGIACWWIINFOHG ~ Sometimes We Try To Force Our Life To Go In A Certain Way When It Is Not For Our Highest Good


~ TEWMTCOYIW ~ The External World Mirrors The Condition Of Your Internal World

~ TASADOTPE ~ Thoughts Are Shapers And Developers Of Their Physical Equivalent

~ COTSNTP ~ Concentrate On The Solution Not The Problem

~ TFNB ~ Think Forward Not Backward

~ BES ~ Belief Equals Success

~ BIY ~ Believe In Yourself

~ T(STT!)YITCTWBYWYD ~ Talk (Self-Talk Too!) Yourself Into The Condition That Will Bring You What You Desire

~ EIAH ~ Excellence Is A Habit

~ TB ~ Think Big

~ BPF ~ Become Passionately Focused

~ EILICT-ATIAMFC ~ Everything In Life Is Created Twice – As There Is A Mental First Creation

~ DNBAOTF ~ Do Not Be Afraid Of Temporary Failures

~ ITF ~ It Takes Faith

~ YATSTOTCYM ~ You Are The Sum Total Of The Choices You Make

~ WYTOMINOMB ~ What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

~ ITEDFTB? ~ Is The End Determined From The Beginning?

~ DWC(C)ODOAWC? ~ Do We Control (Condition) Our Destiny Or Are We Controlled?

~ TCOYFARCOYL ~ Take Charge Of Your Feelings And Regain Control Of Your Life

~ YAWYT ~ You Are What You Think

~ WDNJRR-TCI ~ Words Do Not Just Reflect Reality – They Create It

~ BIS ~ Believing Is Seeing

~ YECCOTACFY ~ You Either Create Conditions Or They Are Created For You

~ WMCOSTRWASLP ~ We Must Condition Ourselves So That Reality Will Always Supersede Limited Perception

~ WWSIADCTWWA ~ What We See Is A Direct Correlation To What We Are

~ BIAIAP ~ Become Individualistic And Imaginative And Proactive

~ WEYDTOFAP-YDTOFY ~ What Ever You Do To Or For Another Person – You Do To Or For Yourself

~ PPWPARYVICPWYWSTFTTD ~ Place Pictures Which Portray And Reaffirm Your Visualizations In Conspicuous Places Where You Will See Them Frequently Throughout The Day

~ TUOOTDTAWT ~ The Use Of Our Thought Develops The Actions We Take

~ SII ~ Sensation Is Illusion

~ TPIE ~ The Present Is Eternal

~ ITPYCROCANCOTP ~ In The Present You Can Reframe Or Counteract Any Negative Condition Of The Past

~ ESPIPWTAE ~ Every Successful Process Is Perfected With Trial And Error

~ CIOR ~ Create Instead Of React

~ MAETITOMNTMTNCTTUTOG ~ Mistakes Are Exactly The Information That Our Mind Needs To Make The Necessary Corrections To Take Us To Our Goals

~ MAVL ~ Mistakes Are Valuable Lessons

~ TBTBOBTIIA ~ Thought Becomes True Because Our Bodies Transform It Into Action

~ D-B-E-C ~ Desire – Belief – Expectation – Creation

~ RIWWPITB ~ Reality Is What We Perceive It To Be

~ WMMTTWWDAWAAFTWWCU ~ We Must Move Toward That Which We Desire As Well As Away From That Which We Consider Undesirable

~ PITATOCVTO(TV) ~ Persuasion Is The Ability To Offer Compelling Value To Others (Their Value)

~ BT ~ Be Thankful

~ AATYHARI ~ Act As Though You Have Already Received It

~ TAEDAIYAHRYD ~ Take Action Every Day As If You Already Had Received Your Desires

~ ECEUIIR ~ Energy Cannot Expand Until It Is Released

~ GFIOTG ~ Give Freely In Order To Get

~ EIAIK ~ Everything Increases After Its Kind

~ YANHTYLT ~ You Are Not Higher Than Your Lowest Thought

~ YHTLGOTRBWYRFTOA ~ You Have To Let Go Of The Rung Below When You Reach For The One Above

~ PAYBEITSOS ~ Persistence At Your Best Efforts Is The Secret Of Success

~ BTOCANTOC ~ Be The One Criticized And Not The One Criticizing

~ LIPS ~ Life Is Problem Solving

~ TUPGRUIC ~ The Universe Presents Gifts Rapped Up In Challenges

~ NADABAAD ~ Not All Dreamers Achieve But All Achievers Dream

~ SYIMCTSTSO ~ Studying Yourself Is More Conducive To Success Than Studying Others

~ TRIITDNTER ~ The Reward Is In The Doing Not The End Result

~ SIAD ~ Success Is A Decision

~ SIL ~ Success Is Learned

~ YHEYNTBS ~ You Have Everything You Need To Be Successful

~ KTOYID ~ Keep Track Of Your Internal Dialogue

~ RACTAOYB ~ Record And Check The Accuracy Of Your Beliefs

~ RYAABAE ~ Record Your Actions And Beliefs And Emotions

~ DYFT ~ Dispute Your False Thinking


~ IPRATCCOC ~ Intellectual Property Rights And The Corporate Confiscation Of Creativity

~ TDTOSO ~ The Dying Tradition Of Scientific Openness

~ TCOTU ~ The Commercialization Of The University

~ DAS ~ Defunding Academic Science

~ ATC ~ Aping The Corporations

~ TIU ~ The Imperial University

~ TDSATU ~ The Deeper Surrender At The Universities

~ SVS ~ Secrecy vs. Science

~ PPFPS ~ Private Profit From Public Service

~ WISNBTAAC ~ Why Information Should Not Be Treated As A Commodity

~ TLOUC ~ The Law Of Unintended Consequences