~ KYMS ~ Keep Your Mouth Shut

~ TYA ~ Test Your Assumptions

~ GCB ~ Get Cost Breakdowns

~ EMTGM ~ Expect More To Get More

~ SH ~ Start High

~ ‘YHGTDBTT’-IAPP ~ “You Have Got To Do Better Than That” – Is A Powerful Phrase

~ WDYWTAYG? ~ Why Do You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

~ KIP ~ Knowledge Is Power

~ NIAPA ~ Negotiation Is A Permanent Activity

~ MSAIC ~ Make Small And Incremental Concessions

~ YDNHTMACO(TFT) ~ You Do Not Have To Make A Counter Offer (Tit For Tat)

~ DNMTFCOAMI ~ Do Not Make The First Concession On A Major Issue

~ EMIOTGM ~ Expect Much In Order To Get Much

~ BPTDYP ~ Be Prepared To Defend Your Price

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