~ BIOOTSWTSIAP ~ Blame Is One Of The Surest Ways To Stay In A Problem

~ IBAWGAOP ~ In Blaming Another We Give Away Our Power

~ TPCBC ~ The Past Cannot Be Changed

~ TFISBOCT ~ The Future Is Shaped By Our Current Thinking

~ WANTRFOWWBO ~ We Are Not Taking Responsibility For Ourselves When We Blame Others

~ UWBYC ~ Understanding Will Bring You Compassion

~ RYPINT ~ Rearranging Your Prejudices Is Not Thinking

~ WCBTBFITM ~ We Can Begin To Be Free In This Moment

~ WCCOATTP ~ We Can Change Our Attitude Toward The Past

~ TUWTCOTH ~ The Universe Will Take Care Of The Hows

~ AAAOTSATMKTPCIEAOOL ~ Acceptance And Approval Of The Self Are The Main Keys To Positive Changes In Every Area Of Our Lives

~ IISTLW ~ It Is Safe To Look Within

~ ‘S’-IOOTMDWITEL ~ “Should” – Is One Of The Most Damaging Words In The English Language

~ TPOPIAITPM ~ The Point Of Power Is Always In The Present Moment

~ WANTA-‘E’-AWATA-Y ~ We Are Not Talking About – “Everyone” – As We Are Talking About – You

~ ‘TPHNPOM’ ~ “The Past Has No Power Over Me”

~ LIRS ~ Life Is Really Simple

~ WGBWWGO ~ We Get Back What We Give Out

~ WYCTBBTFY ~ Whatever You Choose To Believe Becomes True For You

~ EMIANB ~ Each Moment Is A New Beginning

~ YATOPWTIYM ~ You Are The Only Person Who Thinks In Your Mind

~ BKTY ~ Be Kind To Yourself

~ BTLAAOY ~ Begin To Love And Approve Of Yourself

~ CBWJAWE ~ Cross Bridges With Joy And With Ease

~ YMIAT ~ Your Mind Is A Tool

~ YAMMTYM ~ You Are Much More Than Your Mind

~ YMIATFYTUIAWYW ~ Your Mind Is A Tool For You To Use In Any Way You Wish

~ TWYNUYMIOAB ~ The Way You Now Use Your Mind Is Only A Habit

~ HCBCIWWTCT ~ Habits Can Be Changed If We Want To Change Them

~ TOTYEHACOIYCT ~ The Only Thing You Ever Have Any Control Of Is Your Current Thought

~ FITATAE ~ Forgiveness Is The Answer To Almost Everything

~ FTNIATWOTIYRWTMC ~ Fighting The Negative Is A Total Waste Of Time If You Really Want To Make Changes

~ WYPYAOG ~ What You Put Your Attention On Grows

~ OOBILALITOTTILU ~ Our Own Belief In Lack And Limitation Is The Only Thing That Is Limiting Us

~ JSAST ~ Just Smile And Say Thanks

~ MRFTN ~ Make Room For The New

~ TULSB ~ The Universe Loves Symbolic Gestures

~ MITETTD ~ Money Is The Easiest Thing To Demonstrate

~ LYB ~ Love Your Bills

~ ABIAAOTATP ~ A Bill Is An Acknowledgment Of The Ability To Pay

~ RITGFOO ~ Rejoice In The Good Fortune Of Others

~ JTCOYOT ~ Just Take Care Of Your Own Thoughts

~ BLAYWBL ~ Be Loving And You Will Be Lovable

~ BOARTL ~ Be Open And Receptive To Love

~ TBIAMOOITAB ~ The Body Is A Mirror Of Our Inner Thoughts And Beliefs

~ TBIATTUIWOTTTTL ~ The Body Is Always Talking To Us If We Only Take The Time To Listen

~ TWBTYCBTFY ~ That Which Belongs To You Cannot Be Taken From You

~ WCFTDITSUAWCFRSJITGT ~ We Can Find Total Disaster In The Smallest Upset And We Can Find Some Joy In The Greatest Tragedy

~ IIUTU ~ It Is Up To Us

~ SWTTFOLTGIACWWIINFOHG ~ Sometimes We Try To Force Our Life To Go In A Certain Way When It Is Not For Our Highest Good

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