~ TGMPITWI-YGTBYR ~ The Greatest Management Principle In The World Is – You Get The Behavior You Reward

~ AFOTBRAAYWGTTR ~ Ask For One Thing But Reward Another And You Will Get The Thing Rewarded

~ TGTATITBT ~ The Greatest Truths Are Too Important To Be True

~ PBTWTRSTTTB ~ People Behave The Way The Reward System Teaches Them To Behave

~ YGWYG ~ You Get What You Give

~ GSMPITRDARAGC ~ Goals Start Moving People In The Right Direction And Rewards Assure Goal Completion

~ PTWACTW ~ Praise The Worker And Criticize The Work

~ ATMQO’WIBR?’~ Ask The Magic Question Of “What Is Being Rewarded?”

~ WIBR? ~ What Is Being Rewarded?

~ TSTMITBAL ~ The Secret To Management Is To Become A Leader

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