~ TEWMTCOYIW ~ The External World Mirrors The Condition Of Your Internal World

~ TASADOTPE ~ Thoughts Are Shapers And Developers Of Their Physical Equivalent

~ COTSNTP ~ Concentrate On The Solution Not The Problem

~ TFNB ~ Think Forward Not Backward

~ BES ~ Belief Equals Success

~ BIY ~ Believe In Yourself

~ T(STT!)YITCTWBYWYD ~ Talk (Self-Talk Too!) Yourself Into The Condition That Will Bring You What You Desire

~ EIAH ~ Excellence Is A Habit

~ TB ~ Think Big

~ BPF ~ Become Passionately Focused

~ EILICT-ATIAMFC ~ Everything In Life Is Created Twice – As There Is A Mental First Creation

~ DNBAOTF ~ Do Not Be Afraid Of Temporary Failures

~ ITF ~ It Takes Faith

~ YATSTOTCYM ~ You Are The Sum Total Of The Choices You Make

~ WYTOMINOMB ~ What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

~ ITEDFTB? ~ Is The End Determined From The Beginning?

~ DWC(C)ODOAWC? ~ Do We Control (Condition) Our Destiny Or Are We Controlled?

~ TCOYFARCOYL ~ Take Charge Of Your Feelings And Regain Control Of Your Life

~ YAWYT ~ You Are What You Think

~ WDNJRR-TCI ~ Words Do Not Just Reflect Reality – They Create It

~ BIS ~ Believing Is Seeing

~ YECCOTACFY ~ You Either Create Conditions Or They Are Created For You

~ WMCOSTRWASLP ~ We Must Condition Ourselves So That Reality Will Always Supersede Limited Perception

~ WWSIADCTWWA ~ What We See Is A Direct Correlation To What We Are

~ BIAIAP ~ Become Individualistic And Imaginative And Proactive

~ WEYDTOFAP-YDTOFY ~ What Ever You Do To Or For Another Person – You Do To Or For Yourself

~ PPWPARYVICPWYWSTFTTD ~ Place Pictures Which Portray And Reaffirm Your Visualizations In Conspicuous Places Where You Will See Them Frequently Throughout The Day

~ TUOOTDTAWT ~ The Use Of Our Thought Develops The Actions We Take

~ SII ~ Sensation Is Illusion

~ TPIE ~ The Present Is Eternal

~ ITPYCROCANCOTP ~ In The Present You Can Reframe Or Counteract Any Negative Condition Of The Past

~ ESPIPWTAE ~ Every Successful Process Is Perfected With Trial And Error

~ CIOR ~ Create Instead Of React

~ MAETITOMNTMTNCTTUTOG ~ Mistakes Are Exactly The Information That Our Mind Needs To Make The Necessary Corrections To Take Us To Our Goals

~ MAVL ~ Mistakes Are Valuable Lessons

~ TBTBOBTIIA ~ Thought Becomes True Because Our Bodies Transform It Into Action

~ D-B-E-C ~ Desire – Belief – Expectation – Creation

~ RIWWPITB ~ Reality Is What We Perceive It To Be

~ WMMTTWWDAWAAFTWWCU ~ We Must Move Toward That Which We Desire As Well As Away From That Which We Consider Undesirable

~ PITATOCVTO(TV) ~ Persuasion Is The Ability To Offer Compelling Value To Others (Their Value)

~ BT ~ Be Thankful

~ AATYHARI ~ Act As Though You Have Already Received It

~ TAEDAIYAHRYD ~ Take Action Every Day As If You Already Had Received Your Desires

~ ECEUIIR ~ Energy Cannot Expand Until It Is Released

~ GFIOTG ~ Give Freely In Order To Get

~ EIAIK ~ Everything Increases After Its Kind

~ YANHTYLT ~ You Are Not Higher Than Your Lowest Thought

~ YHTLGOTRBWYRFTOA ~ You Have To Let Go Of The Rung Below When You Reach For The One Above

~ PAYBEITSOS ~ Persistence At Your Best Efforts Is The Secret Of Success

~ BTOCANTOC ~ Be The One Criticized And Not The One Criticizing

~ LIPS ~ Life Is Problem Solving

~ TUPGRUIC ~ The Universe Presents Gifts Rapped Up In Challenges

~ NADABAAD ~ Not All Dreamers Achieve But All Achievers Dream

~ SYIMCTSTSO ~ Studying Yourself Is More Conducive To Success Than Studying Others

~ TRIITDNTER ~ The Reward Is In The Doing Not The End Result

~ SIAD ~ Success Is A Decision

~ SIL ~ Success Is Learned

~ YHEYNTBS ~ You Have Everything You Need To Be Successful

~ KTOYID ~ Keep Track Of Your Internal Dialogue

~ RACTAOYB ~ Record And Check The Accuracy Of Your Beliefs

~ RYAABAE ~ Record Your Actions And Beliefs And Emotions

~ DYFT ~ Dispute Your False Thinking

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