~ MOTTAAES ~ Most Of The Time Answers Are Embarrassingly Simple

~ CYDSR ~ Catch Yourself Doing Something Right

~ LGOWINW ~ Let Go Of What Is Not Working

~ SYFTHOGWTW ~ Shift Your Focus To Helping Others Get What They Want

~ DYPF-TSG ~ Define Your Purpose First – Then Set Goals

~ DIYW ~ Do It Your Way

~ TMSPASAS ~ The Most Successful People Are Successful At Sales

~ FOWIRI ~ Focus On What Is Really Important

~ AYWAYS? ~ Ask Yourself Why Are You Selling

~ PWFGATPGR ~ People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results

~ WBWWTA ~ We Become What We Think About

~ TODBWAPIA ~ The Only Difference Between Work And Play Is Attitude

~ DACCO ~ Do A Consequence Check Often

~ RYCOYP ~ Remind Yourself Constantly Of Your Purpose

~ VYSBH ~ Visualize Your Sale Before Hand

~ LESIMS ~ Leverage Every Sale Into Multiple Sales

~ SIACA ~ Selling Is A Creative Act

~ CPN ~ Clarify Prospects Needs

~ EABMSTBS ~ Even A Better Mousetrap Has To Be Sold

~ MOTITTVLTTD ~ Most Of The Important Things Take Very Little Time To Do

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