~ TRFWYA ~ Take Responsibility For Where You Are

~ CYV ~ Clarify Your Values

~ WDWYW ~ Write Down What You Want

~ CUAPMNCWWYW ~ Clean Up Any Past Memories Not Consistent With What You Want

~ PYFBCMFYFTL ~ Program Your Future By Creating Memories For Your Future Time Line

~ AYTWYG ~ Align Your Thoughts With Your Goals

~ PEAO ~ Play Everything All Out

~ TBRIWYTCOYMYTCOYR ~ The Basic Rule Is When You Take Charge Of Your Mind You Take Charge Of Your Results

~ TINFOF ~ There Is No Failure Only Feedback

~ KYO ~ Know Your Outcome

~ TLONACATDODIR ~ The Laws Of Nature Are Contained At The Depths Of Deep Inner Reflection

~ TUWGYWYDU ~ The Universe Will Give You What You Dwell Upon

~ TUDB ~ The Universe Demands Balance

~ WAACFWWD ~ We Are Always Compensated For What We Do

~ YAACIYU ~ You Are At Cause In Your Universe

~ TA ~ Take Action

~ PC ~ Prosperity Consciousness

~ TUIA ~ The Universe Is Abundant

~ TUWUTP ~ The Universe Wants Us To Prosper

~ APBWAI ~ All Prosperity Begins With An Idea

~ ITAGANATTWWO ~ If Thinking And Goals Are Not Aligned Then Thinking Will Win Out

~ MIAAOW ~ Money Is An Abstraction Of Work

~ AYITQOAOAIYITV ~ As You Increase The Quality Or Abstractness Of An Idea You Increase The Value

~ S ~ Seek

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