~ FICOTCP-FF/FT-OMBFIBSTOFBF-C ~ Freedom Is Composed Of Two Complementary Parts – Freedom From / Freedom To – One Must Be Free In Both Senses To Obtain Full Benefit From – Choice

~ WCATFTACWMMBCASAWWA-B-SCSMLTO ~ We Can’t Avoid The Fact That Any Choice We Make May Be Considered A Statement About Who We Are – But – Some Choices Speak More Loudly Than Others

~ NSHFT-TAO-WDBHWSOAHOSU-IWDELWTTOUAA-ICCAARA ~ Numerous Studies Have Found That – There Are Often – Wide Discrepancies Between How We See Ourselves And How Others See Us – If We Do Eventually Learn What They Thought Of Us All Along – It Can Come As A Rude Awakening

~ TOOHOUCSAAURC ~ The Opinions Others Have Of Us Can Serve As A Useful Reality Check

~ IWLTWNAGAWTWW-WCDTCOBSTIAMWHWWTBP ~ If We Learn That We’re Not As Great As We Thought We Were – We Can Decide To Change Our Behavior So That It Aligns More With How We Want To Be Perceived

~ OCAIIWTCOO-A-WAKFO-PACC-NFT-I-‘P’-SW ~ Our Choices Are Always Interconnected With The Choices Of Others – And – We Are Known For Our – Previous And Current Choices – Not For The – Imaginary – “Perfect” – Self Within

~ C-TWWFIFOOFO-CMABDIHWSARTC ~ Clearly – The Way We Frame Information For Ourselves Or For Others – Can Make A Big Difference In How We See And Respond To Choice

~ ETW-ENI-O-R-EOI-WIBIP-WVSTMBP ~ Every Time We – Encounter New Information – Or – Re-Examine Old Information – We’re Influenced By Its Presentation – We’re Very Susceptible To Manipulation By Presentation

~ R-HCDT-LLFLIOMTDG ~ Research – Has Consistently Demonstrated That – Losses Loom Far Larger In Our Minds Than Do Gains

~ NODWTT-COEB-WWTDITTTPTW ~ Not Only Do We Try To – Confirm Our Existing Beliefs – We’re Quick To Dismiss Information That Threatens To Prove Them Wrong

~ MIL-M-C-LT-L-SOFOH ~ More Is Less – More – Choice – Leads To – Less – Satisfaction Or Fulfilment Or Happiness


~ TWTUD ~ The World Turned Upside Down

~ TIAITTLI-AFWWIBIMATTROTCL-A-W-PP-CTCIOC ~ There Is An Increasing Tendency To Live In – A Fantasy World Where Irrational Beliefs In Myths Are Thought To Restore Order To Chaotic Lives – And – Where – Psychological Projection – Creates The Comforting Illusion Of Control

~ SOWCMUTBOE-INRAABI-WHRTBP ~ Some Of What Currently Marches Under The Banner Of Enlightenment – Is Not Reason At All But Ideology – Which Has Replaced Truth By Power

~ OCHBUB-MACR-TCTDAHOV-BIDIIOE ~ Our Culture Has Been Upended By – Moral And Cultural Relativism – The Doctrine That Denies Any Hierarchy Of Values – But Is Doctrinaire In Its Own Enforcement

~ W-MBP-TQ-‘WIR’-A-‘WIT’-TI-‘WIROTFM’ ~ When – Morality Became Privatized – The Questions – “What Is Right” – And – “What Is True” – Turned Into – “What Is Right Or True For Me”

~ W-PCAS-R-TEE-PWTTAWB ~ With – Personal Choice And Self-Realization – Trumping Everything Else – People Were Taught That Authority Was Bunk

~ POI-TCOLATHOL-TM-L-TDTMRTMFAVWCTPHTO ~ Progressive Opinion Interpreted – The Concept Of Liberty At The Heart Of Liberalism – To Mean – License – Thus Destroying The Moral Rules That Make Freedom A Virtue Within Constraints That Prevent Harm To Others

~ TAOMCATA-HLT-TEORIAAATSV ~ The – Assault On Moral Codes And The Authority – Has Led To – The Enshrining Of Radical Individualism And Autonomy As The Supreme Virtues

~ P-F-P-M-P-N-U ~ Post-Family – Post-Moral – Post-Nation – Utopia

~ TEOCASHTI-IOTMCOE-WPCOTB-PTTROTS-WGTIPWAFP ~ The Expression Of Conscience And Spirituality Has Turned Inwards – Instead Of The Monotheistic Codes Of Ethics – Which Placed Constraints On Their Behavior – People Turned To Religions Of The Self – Which Gave The Individual Pretty Well A Free Pass


~ INWYS-IWPH ~ It’s Not What You Say – It’s What People Hear

~ WMINWYS-B-WPH ~ What Matters Is Not What You Say – But – What People Hear

~ IIDMTTIA-IWBH ~ If It Doesn’t Matter To The Intended Audience – It Won’t Be Heard

~ BMR-TMIFIGRI-I-IITSYOPATTPYIYAP-STWTTE ~ Beyond Market Research – The Most Important Factor In Guaranteeing Relevance Is – Imagination – It’s Important To Shed Your Own Perspective And Try To Put Yourself In Your Audience’s Position – Seeing The World Through Their Eyes

~ P-S-C-P-A-E ~ Plain – Simple – Concise – Powerful – And – Effective

~ NLSOWYATT-AWIL ~ Never Lose Sight Of Whom You Are Talking To – And Who Is Listening

~ TIATTRBTDV-A-ATTKIS ~ There Is A Time To Reach Beyond The Daily Vernacular – And – A Time To Keep It Simple

~ TOIWWAPAAHWPT-TSAOIOCTVMOTI ~ The Order In Which Words Are Presented Also Affects How We Perceive Them – The Sequential Arrangement Of Information Often Creates The Very Meaning Of That Information

~ TMPTC-TGTI ~ The More Personal The Context – The Greater The Interest

~ WYAWYAFOA-YRSOY ~ When You Articulate What You Are For Or About – You Reveal Something Of Yourself

~ AAA-L-LMTYAQ-AAQMTYT ~ And Above All – Listen – Listen More Than You Ask Questions – And Ask Questions More Than You Talk

~ FORNP ~ Focus On Results Not Process

~ OW-NM ~ Old Words – New Meaning

~ PP-CO-TAA-IEA-CC ~ Popular Perception – Can Overwhelm – Truth And Accuracy – In Establishing A – Communication Connection

~ MAATEOYAVINOS-ICCYYC ~ Making Assumptions About The Extent Of Your Audience’s Vocabulary Is Not Only Stupid – It Can Cost You Your Career

~ IRMITBUTTBH ~ It’s Really More Important To Be Understood Than To Be Heard

~ B-TM-PM-WFODEITASB-CM ~ But – The Most – Powerful Messages – Will Fall On Deaf Ears If They Aren’t Spoken By – Credible Messengers

~ C-G-EOPAC-AWTTTVO-A-C-R-PS ~ Candid – Genuine – Expressions Of Passion And Commitment – Are Worth Ten Times The Value Of – A – Canned – Rehearsed – Publicity Stunt

~ MWATOBMAATTT ~ Messengers Who Are Their Own Best Message Are Always True To Themselves

~ YCGAWAIPFL ~ You Cannot Get Away With Acting In Politics For Long

~ TIOACBO-WYAIBOP-YSMBY ~ The Importance Of Authenticity Cannot Be Overstated – Whether Your Arena Is Business Or Politics – You Simply Must Be Yourself

~ WWR ~ Words We Remember

~ AC-ICMAMOOBT ~ Ad Copy – Is Conquering More And More Of Our Brain’s Territory

~ NRACAPOYR ~ Never Repeat A Criticism As Part Of Your Rebuttal

~ IIBTSTTDSITKTARIOTWTTFACATW ~ It Is Better To Smile Through The Downpour Secure In The Knowledge That A Rainbow Is On The Way Than To Frown And Complain About The Weather

~ JASSIASPCADAFAHSIPP ~ Just A Simple Shift In A Single Phrase Can And Does Account For A Huge Shift In Public Perception


~ S-TMSAPAIIP-TMUII-ATTMCIWB ~ Simplicity – The More Simply And Plainly An Idea Is Presented – The More Understandable It Is – And Therefore The More Credible It Will Be

~ B-USS-BABAP ~ Brevity – Use Short Sentences – Be As Brief As Possible

~ CIAIAP-TWYUBY-A-YBTYUU ~ Credibility Is As Important As Philosophy – The Words You Use Become You – And – You Become The Words You

~ CM-R-R-R ~ Consistency Matters ~ Repetition – Repetition – Repetition

~ N-OSN-ISDSOSU-WMOTSE ~ Novelty ~ Offer Something New – If Something Doesn’t Shock Or Surprise Us – We Move On To Something Else

~ SATM-TSATOLSBJAMATW ~ Sound And Texture Matter – The Sounds And Texture Of Language Should Be Just As Memorable As The Words

~ SA-MNTSWPWTH-PWFWYS-BTWNFHYMTF ~ Speak Aspirationally – Messages Need To Say What People Want To Hear – People Will Forget What You Say – But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

~ V-PAVP ~ Visualize – Paint A Vivid Picture

~ AAQ-ARQMTRP-APCITBC ~ Ask A Question – A Rhetorical Question Makes The Reaction Personal – And Personalized Communication Is The Best Communication

~ PCAER-YHTGPT -W’-OAMBYTTT-‘T’-AT-‘ST’ ~ Provide Context And Explain Relevance – You Have To Give People The – “Why” – Of A Message Before You Tell Them The – “Therefore” – And The – “So That”

~ WAE-AVCTSARYLWPAME-MYMTMS-BDTWSITWWAYHFT ~ Words Aren’t Everything – A Visual Context That Supports And Reinforces Your Language Will Provide A Multiplier Effect – Making Your Message That Much Stronger – But Deploy The Wrong Symbol In The Wrong Way And You’re Headed For Trouble