~ TWTUD ~ The World Turned Upside Down

~ TIAITTLI-AFWWIBIMATTROTCL-A-W-PP-CTCIOC ~ There Is An Increasing Tendency To Live In – A Fantasy World Where Irrational Beliefs In Myths Are Thought To Restore Order To Chaotic Lives – And – Where – Psychological Projection – Creates The Comforting Illusion Of Control

~ SOWCMUTBOE-INRAABI-WHRTBP ~ Some Of What Currently Marches Under The Banner Of Enlightenment – Is Not Reason At All But Ideology – Which Has Replaced Truth By Power

~ OCHBUB-MACR-TCTDAHOV-BIDIIOE ~ Our Culture Has Been Upended By – Moral And Cultural Relativism – The Doctrine That Denies Any Hierarchy Of Values – But Is Doctrinaire In Its Own Enforcement

~ W-MBP-TQ-‘WIR’-A-‘WIT’-TI-‘WIROTFM’ ~ When – Morality Became Privatized – The Questions – “What Is Right” – And – “What Is True” – Turned Into – “What Is Right Or True For Me”

~ W-PCAS-R-TEE-PWTTAWB ~ With – Personal Choice And Self-Realization – Trumping Everything Else – People Were Taught That Authority Was Bunk

~ POI-TCOLATHOL-TM-L-TDTMRTMFAVWCTPHTO ~ Progressive Opinion Interpreted – The Concept Of Liberty At The Heart Of Liberalism – To Mean – License – Thus Destroying The Moral Rules That Make Freedom A Virtue Within Constraints That Prevent Harm To Others

~ TAOMCATA-HLT-TEORIAAATSV ~ The – Assault On Moral Codes And The Authority – Has Led To – The Enshrining Of Radical Individualism And Autonomy As The Supreme Virtues

~ P-F-P-M-P-N-U ~ Post-Family – Post-Moral – Post-Nation – Utopia

~ TEOCASHTI-IOTMCOE-WPCOTB-PTTROTS-WGTIPWAFP ~ The Expression Of Conscience And Spirituality Has Turned Inwards – Instead Of The Monotheistic Codes Of Ethics – Which Placed Constraints On Their Behavior – People Turned To Religions Of The Self – Which Gave The Individual Pretty Well A Free Pass

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