~ S-TMSAPAIIP-TMUII-ATTMCIWB ~ Simplicity – The More Simply And Plainly An Idea Is Presented – The More Understandable It Is – And Therefore The More Credible It Will Be

~ B-USS-BABAP ~ Brevity – Use Short Sentences – Be As Brief As Possible

~ CIAIAP-TWYUBY-A-YBTYUU ~ Credibility Is As Important As Philosophy – The Words You Use Become You – And – You Become The Words You

~ CM-R-R-R ~ Consistency Matters ~ Repetition – Repetition – Repetition

~ N-OSN-ISDSOSU-WMOTSE ~ Novelty ~ Offer Something New – If Something Doesn’t Shock Or Surprise Us – We Move On To Something Else

~ SATM-TSATOLSBJAMATW ~ Sound And Texture Matter – The Sounds And Texture Of Language Should Be Just As Memorable As The Words

~ SA-MNTSWPWTH-PWFWYS-BTWNFHYMTF ~ Speak Aspirationally – Messages Need To Say What People Want To Hear – People Will Forget What You Say – But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

~ V-PAVP ~ Visualize – Paint A Vivid Picture

~ AAQ-ARQMTRP-APCITBC ~ Ask A Question – A Rhetorical Question Makes The Reaction Personal – And Personalized Communication Is The Best Communication

~ PCAER-YHTGPT -W’-OAMBYTTT-‘T’-AT-‘ST’ ~ Provide Context And Explain Relevance – You Have To Give People The – “Why” – Of A Message Before You Tell Them The – “Therefore” – And The – “So That”

~ WAE-AVCTSARYLWPAME-MYMTMS-BDTWSITWWAYHFT ~ Words Aren’t Everything – A Visual Context That Supports And Reinforces Your Language Will Provide A Multiplier Effect – Making Your Message That Much Stronger – But Deploy The Wrong Symbol In The Wrong Way And You’re Headed For Trouble

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