~ INWYS-IWPH ~ It’s Not What You Say – It’s What People Hear

~ WMINWYS-BWPH ~ What Matters Is Not What You Say – But What People Hear

~ IIDMTTIA-IWBH ~ If It Doesn’t Matter To The Intended Audience – It Won’t Be Heard

~ BMR-TMIFIGRII-IITSYOPATTPYIYAP-STWTTE ~ Beyond Market Research – The Most Important Factor In Guaranteeing Relevance Is Imagination – It’s Important To Shed Your Own Perspective And Try To Put Yourself In Your Audience’s Position – Seeing The World Through Their Eyes

~ PSCP&E ~ Plain, Simple, Concise, Powerful, And Effective

~ NLSOWYATT-AWIL ~ Never Lose Sight Of Whom You Are Talking To – And Who Is Listening

~ TMPTC-TGTI ~ The More Personal The Context – The Greater The Interest

~ WYAWYAFOA-YRSOY ~ When You Articulate What You Are For Or About – You Reveal Something Of Yourself

~ AAA-L-LMTYAQ-AAQMTYT ~ And Above All – Listen – Listen More Than You Ask Questions – And Ask Questions More Than You Talk

~ FORNP ~ Focus On Results Not Process

~ PPCOTAAIEACC ~ Popular Perception Can Overwhelm Truth And Accuracy In Establishing A Communication Connection

~ MAATEOYAVINOS-ICCYYC ~ Making Assumptions About The Extent Of Your Audience’s Vocabulary Is Not Only Stupid – It Can Cost You Your Career

~ IRMITBUTTBH ~ It’s Really More Important To Be Understood Than To Be Heard

~ BTMPMWFODEITASBCM ~ But The Most Powerful Messages Will Fall On Deaf Ears If They Aren’t Spoken By Credible Messengers

~ CGEOPACAWTTTVOACRPS ~ Candid, Genuine Expressions Of Passion And Commitment Are Worth Ten Times The Value Of A Canned, Rehearsed Publicity Stunt

~ MWATOBMAATTT ~ Messengers Who Are Their Own Best Message Are Always True To Themselves

~ YCGAWAIPFL ~ You Cannot Get Away With Acting In Politics For Long

~ TIOACBO-WYAIBOP-YSMBY ~ The Importance Of Authenticity Cannot Be Overstated – Whether Your Arena Is Business Or Politics – You Simply Must Be Yourself

~ WWR ~ Words We Remember

~ ACICMAMOOBT ~ Ad Copy Is Conquering More And More Of Our Brain’s Territory

~ NRACAPOYR ~ Never Repeat A Criticism As Part Of Your Rebuttal

~ IIBTSTTDSITKTARIOTWTTFACATW ~ It Is Better To Smile Through The Downpour Secure In The Knowledge That A Rainbow Is On The Way Than To Frown And Complain About The Weather

~ JASSIASPCADAFAHSIPP ~ Just A Simple Shift In A Single Phrase Can And Does Account For A Huge Shift In Public Perception

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